Thursday, July 16, 2009

First post for Thursday

I've got some catching up to do so I'm going to do two posts today. How 'bout that? LOL
First, I wanted to show you my tomatoes. Even though we practically killed the plant by watering it too much, it's still giving us fruit. It doesn't look very healthy though so we're thinking maybe we should just go buy another one and plant it next to this one, since we have so much season left. It'll probably be hot in CA until January!

I've been working on finishing up my little cherry blocks for a swap. This is the third set and I might try and make one more set before swapping them out. It just depends. I'm waiting to hear from one last girl. These is going to make a cute quilt!

I wanted to share a couple more pictures from the Quilt Run last Saturday. One of the shops we went to was Quilt in a Day. Do you know Eleanor Burns? Yeah, me either, but she has a quilt shop. :o) So many shops we went to were in industrial parks. Probably for the size of the building and the cheaper rent compared to a store front. I'm just guessing of course because I really don't know anything about quilt shops...except for the good stuff on the inside!! :o)
There were areas in a side room that had wallpaper and antiques like it was used in a shoot for one of her books. It was nice shop with a nice variety of fabrics.

As we headed back to Orange County, we stopped at A Time To Sew. This store is in a new location. Another industrial park so the shop was a nice size. They had a back room with samples so I snapped a few pictures to share with you. I thought this was a great setting for some of my bags of swap blocks....

I love the colors too. And I had to grab a shop of this quilt. I still have a bunch of this fabric that I bought to make a quilt my bed. I think it's called Cinnamon something....

I tried to do a star block using the Square in a Square technique but I'm a failure at that so I might just do something like this trusy ol' Log Cabin. I love it and even though that blue print is nice, I would find a different center square color.

That's it for this post. On to find what other pictures I was going to share with you. :o)

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