Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Playing in Turkey

I wish I could read Turkish.  Saw these great magazines at the little corner market when we were picking up some produce.  They had some of the cutest projects inside.  Probably a good thing they weren't in English  because the last thing I need are a few more projects to do!

Monday was my hubbies birthday so he took one more day of vacation and we went to the mall where Ikea is and walked around.  We saw these cabinets  They are perfectly vintage looking and he thinks he's going to get one for his car collectibles.  It's too bad they don't have it in the new turquoise color they're using on so much right now.  Richard said he'd go back and get one for the game room.  Lord knows, he needs something in this big empty apartment.  lol  I told him it will give him a place for all the souvenirs he's getting and I told him to paint it before he puts it together.  :o)

We passed by the rug department and Richard spotted the button rug we saw in the catalog back in May last time I was here but they didn't have them yet.  He said, "There's your button rug.  You better get it." :o)  I told him I didn't think I wanted one since they have a white background and it would be too hard to keep clean.  You can see I put up a fight and gave in.  LOL  It makes me happy to look at it and it is comfy on my feet when I'm cutting.  Guess I'll keep the vacuum handy.
I put that room and rug to good use the last few days.  Before we took our trip to Ireland for Richard's "mandatory R&R", I made these red and light blue blocks.  These were from the class at quilt camp I went to in July.  I had to pack that away though because I didn't bring the ruler with me to make the other two navy ones.  It'll have to wait til I get home.  It's looking good though and I'm loving them.

I did those, a breast cover for my daughter Ashley and this little iron caddy/pressing mat.  Thank you for the pattern, Carolyn!

This will be great for retreats and sew-ins.  :)

Yesterday, I took this kit out and got it cut out.  It was a perfect, easy project for sewing while doing laundry.
I think it's a perfect little boy quilt.  It measures 38x48 so it'll be nice and easy to quilt when I get home.  :o)