Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mail out, cherries in

I hosted a UFO challenge on a Yahoo group called Backporch Friends. The goal was to finish as many UFO's as you could from a list of 15 in a six month period. Two ladies finished 8, one finished 7, and so on. Out of twelve ladies who signed up, we finished 37 UFO's. Everyone sent me two fat quarters and $2.00 to cover postage to mail prizes out. Here are the baggies for the winners. I can post this now because the ladies are starting to receive their packages. I had collected things on sale from Gooseberry Patch, Michaels and Tuesday Morning to add to the prize packages.

I got two sets of cherry blocks done in the last couple of days. This is for a swap. We're to use any cherry fabrics with Pimatex black. The block is called Swapper's Star from

I've got two more sets to do. This is my next set.

Getting my blocks the right size was a little tricky. It had to do, as always, with the 1/4" seam. I didn't realize how far over I had to move my fabric from the edge of my 1/4" foot to get a scant quarter inch seam allowance. Since it was quite a bit from the outside of the foot, I went ahead and stacked up some layers of painters tape to give me an edge to butt my fabric against and to insure a consistent seam allowance. It helped quite a bit!

Yesterday, the sun was setting and the sky was looking so pretty so I grabbed my camera. Yes, I was driving. I do my best photography behind the wheel of my car! If you're ever in California and you see a silver car swearving all over the freeway, it's probably me trying to take a picture. :o)


Terry said...

Nice cherry blocks! And nice sunset too! If I'm ever out your way, I'll watch out for you! LOL

Angela said...

Those goody bags looked great. Love your cherry blocks. Will be able to keep these or will your sis snag them?