Friday, August 26, 2011


Happy Anniversary to me and Richard! Liz and Richard. Just like the Taylor/Burton Liz and Richard....only a little younger, little less drama and a lot less money. LOL

I have a friend Anna, who recently had an anniversary and every time she would buy 'herself' something, she would clap her hands and sing, "Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary" just like this......
So when I got my box of goodies from Stampin' Up! on Wednesday..........

I was singing too..........."Ohhhhh, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaappy Anniversary! LOL Catchy little tune, dontcha think?

The planning is underway for the bridal shower and my girls have some good ideas. But that's not until October so I guess I'll keep doing my 'mom-wedding-things' and share as I get them done. Shhh, it'll be our little secret. I think my daughter Kelley is too busy to check my blog. LOL

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Shower Invitations, round two

My girls came over last week and we had an assembly party to put together the invitations for my youngest daughter, Ashley's bridal shower. The two older girls are hostessing the shebang for their little sister. As with the wedding invites (that are being put together as we speak) and save-the-dates, Kelley created the invites. We all took on a task or two and they went together likity-split!

*Update* - There was a picture here but I was put on restriction and told that I can't post pictures until the invitations are received by the people invited. (That was from Kelley. She's such a party-pooper!)

*2nd Update* - We went to dinner for Ashley's birthday on Tuesday. The girls talked. The entire theme of the shower changed!! The date changed. The people remained the same! lol

I guess the only picture I can share with you is Kaya, Dave and Ashley's baby. Dave's mom calls it her grandcat so I guess as the other-mother, it's my grandcat too. Argh........I am NOT an animal person! At least she is a good girl. The picture is a little dark because I didn't know if the flash would freak her out. lol

I hope to share some of this Top Secret information with you soon. Imagine, putting me on no-photo-detail!!!!! Hmpf!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Shock!!!! I sewed something! :o)

Finally got into my sewing room this past weekend. Shocking, right? Seems like forever since I'd sewn something. My sister is visiting so she hung out with me and helped iron down seams. You know, cheap (free) labor kind of stuff. :o) I'm making bags for all the bridesmaids in my daughter's wedding. And since time is flying by, I know November will be here before I know it so I have to put the pedal to metal......or foot to the pedal or something like that. lol

I couldn't get the lighting down on my camera so this picture will have to do. The pattern is from This and That by Sherri Falls. It is a thick bag with fusible fleece and a layer of batting but it's a nice bag and a good size. The bag on the left is for my oldest daughter and she asked for a thicker band of accent fabric so hers looks just a little different. She picked her own fabric and was over on Saturday when I finished this bag. She tried to take it home but I told her 'no way', that she had to wait for the rehearsal dinner. Yes, she pouted. lol

The pattern is called Swanky Bag and it was only $4.50. Ashley, the bride-to-be picked it out herself. Here is a picture of the bag from the pattern. I will just be using big buttons and not fabric covered ones because I have to make nine bags but I might add the yo-yo flower after I'm done with all of the bags. We'll see. I like the look of the flower but I'm not sure if I'll have that much time. I still have a mom-dress to buy and a list of things to do like Santa's so we'll see.

Other than Kelley's fabric and some black and white polka dot fabric, everything came from my stash. The black and white dots seemed to go with just about all the fabrics I had picked out so I got a few yards of it at Joann's. Boy, using that fabric with quilt shop quality is VERY different. I probably should've just gone to a quilt shop and bought good stuff. I hope it holds up.

Two down, seven to go.......

Last night, I pulled weeds in the backyard and can hardly move today. Argh.... Sewing tonight will be a nice thing to do while my glutes recover. LOL

Saturday, August 13, 2011

My hubby's paint job....ooooh!

My hubby has been having his car painted by a couple of guys he works with. It's a 1934 3-window coupe. He wanted a tattered flag on the front and some type of 9/11 tribute painted on the trunk. The two guys that did the painting of both the car and the airbrushing did a fantastic job. He picked it up today and is already going to a car show tomorrow. :o)
Isn't it amazing? Almost as good as a quilt with a 1,000 pieces! ;o)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Stamping 1, Shopping 1, Sewing 0

Hey all. Checking in to say I've been busy. lol (understatement) My middle daughter, Stephanie, the Stampin' Up! demonstrator used our house to have a catalog launch, since the new catalog came out on July 1st. She had a few co-workers show up and a few of our crafty buddies came. We did some make-n-takes and played some games. Fun stuff.

She had some samples out and did some drawings for freebies.

Then, we had an entourage that went with my youngest daughter, Ashley and her fiance Dave, to register at Bed, Bath & Beyond for their wedding in the fall. It wasn't as time consuming as I thought and, of course, it was fun. I handed this doggie toy to Ashley and told her to pose for a picture since her maid of honor couldn't make it. Of course, she didn't know I was going to post it for the world to see on my blog but that's okay, I won't tell if you won't. :o)

And this is them getting the lowdown on the registry cards, etc. Dave is just posing in this picture like he's exhausted. "Please, let's go hooooooo-me." I think he was just kidding. lol

Then, last Saturday I had a mother of a stamp party. There were 16 people here at my little itty bitty house. We set three stations up and made two cards and an 'explosion' box. I didn't realize that's what they were called until someone told me. Who knew?

I love this card. We used the Large Lace Ribbon Border punch (what a mouthful!) to create the faux doily in the background. I couldn't get it to fit with just one border so I cut two and love the dainty look. The stamp set is cute too. It's called On The Grow and is in a set with a little scooter. Too cute. We embossed the background and it makes it look so girly.

Here is the 'explosion' box. When the sides are all folded up and the lid is on, it just looks like a little gift box. When you take off the lid, the sides fall and it opens up, thus the name. You can put pictures in the four corners of the birthday person or family or whatever. Such a cute idea.

And my party was a huge success! Thanks to friends and family, it was over $1000 in sales so I earned all kinds of free stuff. I'm supposed to get the order today to pack it up so I dug out my paper scrap box and make some little thank you tags. I just used what was in the scraps, some Stampin' Up!, some other paper. I thought it was the "least" I could do.

Well, that's it for now. My sister Rita, is visiting me for a couple of weeks. She said she would help me with some wedding preparations so I think I better take her up on it. Tick, tick, tick goes the wedding clock!!!