Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A little more Quilt Run chatter...

I'm almost done sharing with you. I just have a lot to say. The reason I talk so much is actually a medical issue that I have. My last diagnosis was that I have something called CCS, also known as, Chatty Cathy Syndrome. Need I say more? :o)
The last quilt shop we hit on the Quilter's Run was called Stars & Scraps in Corona. What a cute shop! It's probably about 25 miles from my home so not a shop I would go to unless I was out that way. But they have a lot going for them. Lots of great samples, beautiful fabric and a nice staff. But the shop has ambiance too. We don't get a lot of Americana-type shops out here in old So. Cal. That's why I do retreats in IN and AR! A long way to go to get some country cuties, eh?
I asked the woman that I think was the owner, if I could take some pictures for my bloggy-blog. She asked me what my blog was called so I told her, BusyLiz...blah, blah. She said she had visited it before! Really??? Can you imagine? I figure most of the time I'm just talking to myself on this thing. LOL I think she saw the link from one of the other quilt owners, Kris, from Cozy Cottage who has me listed on her sidebar. I'm right there with all the big names. Geez, what an honor. I guess I outta sew something to maintain my worthiness, huh? hehe But that'll have to wait til I get home from work. Right now, I'm talkin' quilt shops. :o)

So, this is Stars & Scraps. I only had my iphone and I don't usually take pictures with it. They're a little blurry. I guess it was all my excitement from all the shopping. Here's a Raggedy and a cute display.
Some cute quilts......

And this little corner with a cute red and white valances, quilts, some RW&B fabrics, chunky rickrack and more.

This was a quilt in one of the shops we went to. I *think* it was in the San Diego area. I bought the blue star print so they let me take a picture. I've done a split nine patch block before but I liked this star in the center. A few years ago I made my SIL a western print quilt in similar colors and I think I might have a lot of fabrics left over. It would be great if I had enough to make a dent for this project.

That's it for today. Whew, two posts but I wanted to get the pictures of the shop loaded. I hope you are having a fabulous day!!


Yvette said...

Oh my! Another shop I haven't visited. I will definitely put this on my want to go list.

Thanks for sharing!

ojaiquilter said...

I'm jealous again!! You live in such a bounty of quilt shops location. I may have to move in with you, maybe I'll bring "Mom" lol