Sunday, July 19, 2009

From the mountains to the deserts...

If you live in Southern California, you might know the saying that we used to hear on the news, "From the mountains, to the deserts, to all of Southern California...." That was an introduction one station used. It might not be an exact quote but it's close enough to make my point. I swear that is about the area that me and my friend Neena covered yesterday on the So. CA Quilter's Run. It's a good thing it's over today because I'm out of money! hehe
These are the few items I bought yesterday....

I keep seeing on peoples blogs that they are stash busting or used this many yards or that many FQ's. That might be my next step. :o) Is quilting a 12 step program?

We got to revisit some shops we have been to on previous shop hops but they're too far for everyday shopping. But some of them are worth the drive for a special event like this. Then there were some new shops. It was fun to see how different they are all decorated and all the quilts displayed. Ahhhh, it was so motivating.

Here are some pictures of Candy's Quiltworks in Northridge. The staff in the shop was very nice. So many shops had very friendly people working. Candy's had lots of shelves filled with a nice variety of fabrics. Lots of good stuff. This is one side looking left once inside the door.........
Another angle from the lefthand side of the store.

To the right or what's right in front of you when you enter the store.

And the shop below, The Fabric Patch, had the cutest windows. The Fabric Patch has one of the cool spots to shop at Road to CA. I guess it's because they have a lot of little gifty items and books. They take the entire corner and it's always hopping with a big crowd.

Look how cute the front windows were painted.

Good window art. Too cute, huh?

I have more to share with you tomorrow. For now, I have to go sort my fabric piles and do a little reorganizing. I'm running out of room and I've already moved things into the spare bedroom. I wonder how many organizing containers I can fit in the trunk of my car? :o)


Barb said...

I saw all the wonderful fabric you brought and I just can't help but be envious (not that I need fabric)....thanks for the tour of the shop also.

Conni said...

Ohhh! Looks like you bought quite a few reds!!! My favorite!

Terry said...

Looks like lots of fun shopping! And good for you doing your part to help the economy! LOL