Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Block #7 and Designer Boards

This is block #7 of the Pat Sloan Grandma's Kitchen Sew Along.  It's called Oh My Stars.  I can't wait to finish all the blocks.  I've had some of these fabrics for so long and I'm glad to be using them.  If only it put a bigger dent in the pile(s). :D

A long, long, LONG time ago, I saved a tutorial for making Designer Boards. They make it easier to lay out your block pieces and carry them to the sewing machine.  I usually use my 12 1/2" ruler but Pat Sloan has been using them with her blocks and it made me want to finally make them.  The tutorial is by Lori Holt, Bee in My Bonnet and you can find it here.  Although, page two of the tutorial doesn't show the pictures so if you can figure it out, you're good to go.  

I'm going to make small ones for 6" blocks and smaller and 12 1/2" ones for bigger blocks.  Used a scrap piece of batting.  Glued with the glue gun like the directions "and" I already had a couple of pieces of foam board leftover from the grandkid's birthday parties.

It took a little more binding than I thought for the bigger ones.  About 1 1/2 strips of fabric so I think I'll just make a big long piece like making binding and go from there.

My overlap at the end needs a little work.  Hopefully, the next ones will be better.  At least they'll do the job they're intended for.  :)

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Still finding time to sew....woohoo!

As of right now, hubby and I are only babysitting our granddaughter two days a week.  This is leaving us lots of free time.  Most of that time lately though has had us gone, gone, gone.  But, those trips have mostly been on the weekends so I'm still getting in my sewing room.  Yay for small miracles.  I never knew retirement could be so (or sew) busy!

I finished block #5 of Pat Sloan's Grandma's Kitchen Sew Along last Thursday but we went out of town for my little grandsons 2nd birthday so posting had to wait.  And holy moly, directions for a new block will be released tomorrow already!  Every Tuesday night it feels a little bit like Christmas.  I can't wait for the next day.

I would've preferred my yellow floral to be in the forefront of my block but I still like it.  Gotta have some polka dots in there somewhere.  :)  

Lord knows I didn't need to, but I did a little retail therapy!!  I blame Pat Sloan for it.  :D  She shared on her facebook page that this little magnet set was only 39 cents at Fat Quarter Shop.  Well, I just "had" to add a few things to my cart to make the shipping worthwhile.  :D  They had this adorable ballerina fabric and little scissor sheaths.  I have a few pair of smaller Gingher scissors that have lost their little covers so having a few extras won't hurt and how cute are they!  I think they're a Fat Quarter Shop exclusive.

I looked on Pinterest for info on DIY big ironing board topper and found a few that were helpful for making my own.  Buying one was quite expensive.  My ironing board was a discard from my sister-in-law and I like to salvage things so I found some rubber end caps for the feet because it didn't have any (fluorescent yellow was all I could find!) and ta-da a functioning ironing board. 

I used a combination of this post and this one to make my big board.  I didn't round the corners.  I didn't think it was necessary.  We'll see if that decision comes back to bite me when I jam my sides time after time.  So far, so good though.  I also didn't put slats underneath to hold the big board in place.   They do that so you can take it off but I decided to keep mine on all the time.  It might make it hard to iron a blouse now and then but I'll figure it out.  My ironing board has holes in the body of it so I screwed the big board to it.  My friend was throwing away this brand new cutting table/ironing board cover so I took it for this project.  I've already used it a dozen times and I love having the big surface to iron on.

And....I finished this quilt top.  

I have been teaching some friends how to quilt. Their first project was a Single Irish Chain and this Rail Fence will be their next quilt so I wanted to make a sample.  I used a jelly roll I've had for years from French General.  I love the way it turned out.  I already pieced the back and cut the batting but quilting will need to wait til the current quilt project gets finished.  It's been sitting a L O N G time so this might be just what I need to get 'er done.  :D

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Blocks #4 and 5...

I've been keeping up with my Pat Sloan Grandma's Kitchen blocks.  Got #4 done and though this is my least favorite, I'm going to leave it until the project is further along to see if it will blend in or if I want to change it.  I think the tone on tone fabrics weren't the best for this block design.  I really like the blocks of the people who only used two colors.

And this is block #5.  I pulled a few more fabrics from my stash because I needed a few more reds.  I only had a FQ of the one I used in the first few blocks.

This is what they look like together.  It's going to be hard to wait til November for this to be done.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Block #3, Key Hole Block

I'm still chugging along on Pat Sloan's Grandma's Kitchen Sew Along.  Of course, it's only been three weeks.  lol  I usually do pretty good on starting things and then something in my life happens and it all gets pushed on the back burner.  But this is only one block a week and so far life has been calmer.  It's much easier to keep up then with the Bonnie Hunter mysteries.  For me anyway.

This block is called Key Holder. 

I had a long dry spell without going to a quilt shop so a while back I decided to take two quilts to be longarm quilted.  I had made some money selling some things on craigslist so I figured, what the heck.  I wanted to check some UFOs off my list and this should help.  

I went to the Orange Quilt Bee and saw a class for a mini sampler out of Civil War Repro fabrics and the blocks can be anywhere from 3-6 inches. I haven't taken a class in a long time so I signed up.  It was fun and I had a good time, met some nice ladies and the teacher was great.  The first thing she had me do was make two nine patches to work on accuracy.  I needed to slow down a bit and with the help from the teacher, my blocks measured exactly 3 1/2".

After I set up at the class, I found out it wasn't actually for the entire sampler. *disappointment*  But it's not a total loss.  I picked a block off the sampler and we drew it up.  I used the Eleanor Burns method and ruler to make the flying geese.

I laughed that this little itty bitty block and my two little nine patches took almost three hours.  Learning takes time.  But look at those points!!  And this block measured a perfect 3 1/2" too.  :)

I'm enjoying being back in my sewing room. I got to move into our 400 sq. ft. room addition a few months ago and it's been a long process.  I am a clutter gal by nature and have lived in this house for over 33 years. It means there have been a lot of things that got put in boxes that don't necessarily have a place to go now.  It means sorting and purging.  And because I don't always want to do it (cuz I'd rather be playing with fabric!) there have been a few boxes stacked up waiting for me to sort them out.  I have three left and decided this is the week to get through them!  I did one today and have piles all over the cutting table.  lol  Tomorrow is another day!

Friday, July 7, 2017

Block #2 done!

I got more sewing done!  Woohoo.  Block #2 in the Pat Sloan mystery is called Honey Bun.  I think I would've liked the block a little better if I would've used the floral as the wider pieces and the plaid as the thinner ones but I like the fabric enough that I'm going to leave it.  I think this will be a cheery one.  :)

Here are block 1 & 2 on the design wall.  I think mystery projects are fun.  You have the anticipation of what's to Christmas morning.

That's it for this week.  Maybe I'll try and clean up the sewing room and take some pics of my new space.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Grandma's Kitchen Sew Along by Pat Sloan

Ever since grandbabies and Facebook, I kind of ditched my blog.  But...I realized that my blog was a date book or journal of sorts.  Dates I don't remember, when projects were completed, etc.  So here I am...and I'm going to attempt to keep blogging, if only for me and no visitors.  ;)

Now if anyone has no business starting a project it's me!  But this one called my name.  Pat Sloan is doing a "sew along" called Grandma's Kitchen.  Sharing memories of sitting at Grandma's kitchen table and reminiscing.  I thought about using 30's reproductions fabrics because it just screams for them but I don't have a wall big enough for a quilt so I decided to use something that could be a throw or bed topper.

Most of my fabrics are Holly Holderman.  From the stash, just sitting and waiting for a project.  They are all sitting in a little bin and I will use up what I can each month when there is a new clue.

I bought a new ruler when I saw Bonnie Hunter use it.  I have so many rulers but this one is really awesome.  Not only can you cut off the corners and dog ears, it's got great lines for checking your piecing sizes.  Love it!  It's called Simple Folded Corners by Doug Leko.  I bought it directly from his site.

That's it for my first blog post in over TWO YEARS!!!!  :D

Happy Sewing!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Grand Illusion Mystery Status

Clue #2 is almost done.  All of the units are made but I have about 30 more blocks to sew together for the double diamonds.  I decided to do Bonnie's option #3 to make bonus triangles.  I will have quite a collection of them once I'm done with this quilt project.
Clue #3....I only did a few.  Enough to see what my block would look like.  I spent the last few days putting my Christmas stuff away.  I had planned on getting back to my sewing room by tomorrow but my two daughters want to go to Disneyland.  They're making the most of their annual passes and with that cutie-patootie grandbaby, I have to go too.  :o)  They have a friend that can get me in since I don't have a pass so off we go.  I guess sewing will wait.  

So many people on Bonnie's facebook group are sharing their finished quilts.  There are some real beauties!!  I feel like the tone on tone fabrics are really looking good with this pattern.  My busy fabrics are growing on me.  This is my partial quilt block.  No corner units or center block.  I'm not sure, with how busy it is already, if I want to use a 4 patch block in the center so...

I tried a scrap of red...

And the way Bonnie's pattern says, using a 4 patch and turquoise corners.  This seemed too much and someone suggested trying on fabric in the corners to add a constant.  I think I will give it a try when I have more blocks done.

I've got a way to go on this but this is where I am for now.  The pattern is growing on me.