Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sharing cards

Just wanted to share some of the cards my sister, daughter and I made yesterday. We had just about everything I owned out on the dining room table. Even though I cut and prepared for four cards, we kept going and going like Energizer bunnies until we had twelve cards made.
Kelley (daughter) made this one with leftover paper from a card me and my sis made. The stamp is a clear vintage looking set I got a while ago.

This is Kelley's other card. One of the other stamp sets I had was girlfriend/breast cancer support set. She used that set, Stampin' Up paper and a scrap of ribbon.

This was one of the unplanned cards me and Isabel made. I picked up the paper at a local craft store and this vintage stamp design was part of the set used in the first card.

We HAD to make a card with something cherry.

I got this floral paper in a pack from Joann's. It was one of the unplanned cards that we just put together by adding some ribbon and buttons. My sister wanted to have an even dozen made. Man, she's a slave driver. hehe

The other cards we made were the car card for Father's Day and the black and yellow card I shared the other day. We made a couple of each.

Today, Kelley and I went to an antique swap meet. It was a lot of fun and they had tons of "stuff". I'll share about our finds a little later...

Friday, May 28, 2010

Cards for Saturday

My sister got a new laptop like the one I got a few weeks ago. She's bringing it down to my house so my daughter's boyfriend can clean it up and load her programs on it. Her hubby is coming with her so the guys will go play golf. I asked her what she wanted to do while they're gone. She said she'd like to make some cards. When we have our workshops at Neena's house (SU demonstrator and friend), it's too far for her to come down for the day. So, yesterday I looked around at some card blogs and last night I got to work. I cut out the supplies for this card.

I used Stampin' Up! paper and though you can't see it, the black background paper is dry embossed with polka dots (for Peggy and Vickie). :o) The stamp set is one Neena brought over and I'm so glad she did. It's a great little set and I love the saying. Isabel wanted some all occasion cards and this one could be for just about anything.
Then, with Father's Day just around the corner, I made this card. The metal is a paper Neena had. I have some silver I'll use for the cards me and Isabel will make. It's not as shiny but will still look good. The screws are brads I found at Michael's the other day. I've seen them on a bunch of cards online and they were perfect for this card. I did the "You're a Classic" on the computer because I didn't have that saying in my collection. (Hard to believe!!)

I'll try working up a few more cards tonight but simple ones, maybe with some punches. And maybe we'll have time to hit the antique mall while she's here. Usually when she come over, it's for a holiday or as a pit stop to go somewhere else. This should be a fun visit!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Baby Cory

An acquaintance on one of the Yahoo forums I'm on asked for people to take "Baby Cory" for a little while for her daughter's school project. Some of you might've heard of "Flat Stanley" but I hadn't until this project. My sister told me about Stanley. She works at a school so I guess she just knows these things. :o) Anyway, I agreed to sponsor Baby Cory for about a month.

Baby Cory got sent home yesterday. I tried to remember him when I was out and about on my "Liz" adventures. It wasn't always easy to do because my kids are grown and I'm not used to being in charge of anybody anymore.....even a cardboard somebody. lol

Since I've never done one of these before, I just typed up some of the who/what/where stuff on a Word document and inserted pictures. I'm "assuming" the real writing comes from the student. At least that's the way I think it should work. Here are some of my pictures with Baby Cory.....

Baby Cory sitting in the car in San Diego. We went to have dinner with my nephew when we were visiting my Mom. We had to keep Cory safe. :o)

He really enjoyed the sunset and palm trees in San Diego.

We took Cory to an Angel game against the Detroit Tigers and we won 7-6! Cory like the Big A! :o)

It had rained that day but it stopped just on time for game time. Yay!!!

We made a few trips to San Diego with my mom being sick quite a bit. One of the times we went, we caught a cold from my sister. Me and Cory had it BAD!!! You might remember me blogging about it here. I could take medication but poor Cory couldn't. He did appreciate the tissue though.

Then, last weekend when we went to Lake Arrowhead, Cory tagged along. He liked the lake and wanted to take a dip but I told him the water was pretty cold. Brrrrr

Unbelievably, two days later, it snowed. We couldn't believe it! I built an itty bitty snowman (aka, the white owl) and took this last picture of Baby Cory.

I hope he had a good time while he was in California. I've never had such quiet company. :o)

Monday, May 24, 2010

A snow day in CA?

We don't often have snow days in southern California but we almost missed work today because of one yesterday. Our little mini treat in Lake Arrowhead was awesome. Lots of laughing and sewing and shopping and chocolate!

This is a picture of the walkway to the Village. It's a bit of a walk but a nice one. However, when we go up to sew, we barely make it out of the condo! We did take a walk around the complex to see the lake and it did not disappoint us. It was gorgeous. About 70 degrees, blue skies and a nice breeze. That was Thursday.....

This is the same view but on Sunday!

The two girls I went with, Neena and Susan, both checked the weather and it said it was going to be sunny all weekend. Hmmmm, somebody didn't tell Mother Nature. hehe Lucky, the sun came out and the snow started to melt and we got down the hill. Darn it. lol

In between the sun and the snow, we got a lot of sewing done. I finished the last border on this quilt. Now to go through my stash and see if I can find something to use for the binding. I don't know why I don't have enough fabric but I don't.

I got four of these bags made but was short one zipper. The zipper goes in last so I was able to make the fourth bag and bring it home and will just have to pop in a zipper. My daughter had been asking me for a bag for a while and I thought the other two might want one too. I love the lavender make-up print fabric. It made a really cute bag.

This is my little 1 1/2' snowman, that looks more like a white owl. The snow was just screaming "make a snowman". :o)

I guess the almond nose and raisins from the trail mix weren't the right fit for this little guy. Or maybe I should've kept digging in the trail mix and used m&m's for a mouth. It doesn't matter I guess. I went to the edge of the balcony to take a picture and stepped on him and squished him dead. LOL

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Getting ready to go....

I'm getting my goodies ready to go for the weekend. My buddy Neena told me on Monday that she had a gift certificate to her local quilt shop and she was going to go over there and get a door prize for our getaway. I said "A door prize?" She said, "Yeah, it's a retreat isn't it? We have to have prizes." Well......I had been thinking about giving the girls some little "goodies" so when she said that, I told her that "I" thought she should bring something for each of us. Because if Susan, the other girl going, won a prize and I didn't, I would be pouting all weekend. lol So the girls, besides packing, are now on a mission. :o) (Yes, I am always this much of a trouble maker!) Hey, we're not kids anymore. We have to create excitement any chance we get! So this is part of what I came up with......
I got the girls these little button containers. We all do card making too so I figured they'd be good for quilting, crafting and cards. I also got them a little emery board from the quilt shop. Then I hit the dollar store for a little container to put their goodies in. They'll be good for little trash containers on our tables too! I found some bubble gum tubes so I picked those up and a little chap stick.

I got my Cricut out and my card stock and covered the bubble gum "piggy banks". It seemed like it was missing something so I "tried" to embellish them. As the time was ticking away, I thought, okay, this is just going to have to do because I've got more important things to PACK!!!

I have a few more little items I picked up at the dollar spot at Michael's to put in here and maybe some chocolate and I'll be done! :o)

My piggy bank will always be empty! LOL

I'm leaving in the morning and have a ton of stuff to do, bunco tonight and people stopping by my house after work so the night should be interesting to say the least. I'll "see" you all on Sunday.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Blooms `n dresses

I've seen so many bloggers share their gorgeous spring flowers so I'm jumping on the band wagon. (Yes, I probably would follow them if they all jumped off the bridge too!) :o)

I will be the first to admit I have two brown thumbs but I keep trying! The only reason I can grow these roses is because they are a shrub. And they're all over the place so I'm assuming "anyone" can grow them. *sigh*

They smell so good. They are right under the kitchen window and the fragrance comes in with every breeze.
I swapped out the I Love Lucy dresses from the swap on Backporch Friends. Everyone did such a nice job. I'm not sure how I'll set mine yet. These will sit a while since I have so much more to work on that takes priority.

One of our swappers, Betti, found this fabric in her mother's things. She said it's from the 1940's and everyone who swapped got one of her blocks.

And one swapper, Kris, made these blocks with a little apron on it. Isn't it just the cutest!?

Well, off to go straighten up my sewing room only to make a mess again. I am going to go have a little sewing retreat Thursday-Sunday with some friends in Lake Arrowhead. I have to clean so I have room to pack my bag! What a sad tale, huh? ;o)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

We had our family gathering today with my mom, sisters, spouses, kids, nieces and nephews. It was a great day. Mom was here and that was wonderful. I made my mom and each of my sisters a card similar to this one.

Happy Mother's Day to you all. I hope you have a marvelous day.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bewitching Pillows

One night last week, I sat down to work on my embroidery. I was flipping through the channels but could not find anything on television. Is that crazy or what? We practically have a billion channels to watch and nothing! Okay, slight exaggeration but it happens every once in a while.

But then I found a couple of episodes of Bewitched. I loved that show when I was younger so I left it on. I was watching and saw these cute scrappy pillows on Samantha's couch! Freeze, pause and grab the camera to show you. LOL (Good thing my hubby wasn't home. He already thinks I'm a nut for the things I take pictures of!)

Look how scrappy! Andora turned poor "Derwood" into a frog but lucky for me she did it right in front of this Log Cabin pillow!!! That's when I knew I was meant to share this with you. :o)

So, I got my April block finished. Luckily, it was a small design last month because it took me almost two months to finish the March block! Anyway, I got my little basket parts cut out. Such beautiful floral fabrics.

Last night I got the baskets made and my square patches sewed together. I got it sewed to the March block and now I just need to stitch this to the top section. The next three blocks will be sewed to the right side of the top.

I hope to have this sewed together soon and will share a picture of the top when I get the parts sewed together. I've got family coming over to celebrate Mother's Day on Saturday so I've got things to do and might have to put this off for a few days. Grrr, cleaning, shopping....pooey!