Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Las Vegas in July

Blech!!! That's all I've got to say. Well, I have a lot more to say but that pretty much sums it up. :o)

My youngest daughter has played softball since she could walk. She earned a scholarship for college, too. Well, she can't seem to give it up. Even though she graduated a few years ago, she still loves the game. She was in a tournament this past weekend in Vegas so my hubby was going to go. He LOVES Las Vegas. His wife (that would be me) HATES Las Vegas. Even when the thermostat isn't reading 102, I still don't like it. We hit traffic going there, we hit traffic coming home and to me, it's just a yucky place. But parents make sacrifices and I decided to go along.

Here's a pic of the stud, Ashley. :o)

I won't show you the disgusting scrape this girl got when she slid into 2nd base. Oh my gosh, it was ugly. During her younger years, I would tell Ashley it was a good thing she wasn't into beauty pageants because with all her scars, she would never make it. lol

It was hot and humid in Vegas. There was a storm in the mountains rolling in. So on top of the high 90 degrees, it was a yucky 90 degrees. This shot is taken from the shady trees we were sitting under watching the games. That helped quite a bit. Unfortunately, the didn't play at this park the entire tournament. The other place didn't have mature trees and I was miserable. It's not pretty when mama's miserable.

This is a "zoom" picture of the girls getting their awards from the Hooter girls. lol It's not a very good picture but I wasn't going out in the sun to get a picture! And honestly, who needs to see a bunch of 100 lb. girls in tank tops and Daisy Duke shorts? Yeah, me either. LOL

Tonight I'm working on finishing a wallet so hopefully, I'll have some "sewing" pictures tomorrow.

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