Monday, April 28, 2014

Baby Quilt, Turkey bound

If you haven't yet, go to this post from last Friday and leave a comment to enter the drawing for some free goodies to celebrate my 500th post.  Now onto post #501.  :o)
My husband asked me if I could make a baby quilt for a lady that works with him in Turkey.  I was able to get enough fabric from my stash to make the quilt but ran into a little problem when it came to the binding....arghhh!
I wish I would've intentionally made the binding scrappy but since I thought I had enough and didn't think I would be short, I had to get very creative.  Ahhh, hindsight!!  I was able to piece scraps together and make it work but it wouldn't win any prizes.  It is a quilt to be used and loved and 'hopefully', the recipient's mommy won't see the flaws in the binding.
While I was quilting this quilt, my little granddaughter Emily needed a little babysitting while her mommy took a shower.  These pictures are from about a month ago and she has since mastered sitting up and doesn't need this little seat anymore but with that being said, she is "grabbing" everything in sight.  I doubt she'll be sitting on my sewing table from now on.  Well, until she wants to sew something.  I'm guessing that will be at least a few years from now.  :o)
Do you see the collection on the shelf?  She already stares at everything in this room and my paper crafting room.  She can't focus.  I think I give her eye-overload or something.  lol


The quilt was given the (Emily) seal of approval!
This was the finished quilt...minus the slobber.  lol  The quilt is from a charm book my friend bought at Road to CA.  It's a great quilt for charms but I used the same focus fabric in the center blocks and the border because I had enough.  I had already used this fabric before so it was nice to try and use it up and make a little room (very little) for other fabric.

Friday, April 25, 2014

500th POST!! FABRIC GIVEAWAY!!! Longest No-Blog-Post-EVER!

I don't know where the time has gone or why I haven't posted on my bloggy.  A quilty/bloggy friend, Michelle, mentioned she was at 499 back in February and already had her giveaway way back when!!  Sigh...

I wanted to do something for my 500th post and that must have stumped me because I never did a giveaway...until now.  I have been very busy with family health issues and when that got better, I hit the ground running with crafting.  Lucky for you, I had to do some shopping.  :o) 

Leave a comment with your name (and an email address if you don't have a blog) and I will draw a name on Thursday, May 1st. 

I hope you like the fabrics I chose.  The line is Moda and wouldn't you know, the name was cut off of the selvedge.  From doing on online search, I believe the first line is Paisley by Bonnie and Camille and the second two are Scrumptious, same designer.  They really are "scrumptious"!  lol  They are half yard cuts.  Woohoo!! 

And I saw this little sewing kit and had to add it.  Red....polka dots....c'mon!  I should've bought two!  I can't believe I didn't!  I'll have to tell my hubby about this monumental moment.  He doesn't think I share very well.  ;o)

 Good luck!!!