Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Finished Pincushion

Just a quick post to say that I got my pincushion filled (is pincushion one word or two?) with the crushed walnut shells yesterday and whipped it shut. I love the way the filler feels. Kind of like sand but just a little bit bigger. I love it!

We have been chatting about the walnut shells on my Yahoo group since yesterday. Some ladies have tried it, some haven't but are curious now. :o) In case you want to try this filler for orphan blocks or another pincushion projects that you've wanted to try, I was told that you can get this filler at most any pet store as it's sold for the bottom of bird or lizard cages. Some ladies found it at Petco, Wal-Mart or like me, in my local feed store.
Terry said she bought hers in a little bag at her local quilt shop. That's a good idea if they sell it. Otherwise, stop at Target for a pantry jar because the smallest bag I found was seven pounds. This is all I had that would hold 6.99 lbs. of ground walnut shells! (That 6" pin cushion didn't use up much filler!) LOL

One project down, 5, 698, 472 left to go!


Robin said...

LOL you better git with the pincushion makin' to use up the rest of those shells Liz!!! OR...repackage 'em and sell 'em on ebay as fancy schmantzy pincusion filler ;) Love that pincushion! I should put one of my orphan blocks to use!

greetingarts said...

Ha! Just killed ya to leave that pincushion as one more UFO, huh? :0) Dang, I think everyone on your Christmas list needs a pincushion this year, yes? I wonder if you could use the walnut shells to stuff the bottoms of little dolls or stuffed toys... I picked up a few bags years ago when a quilt shop was going out of business. Need to find those bags and do something with them!

Barb said...

Love the pen cushion

peggy said...

WOW, thats a lotta leftover walnut shells....I'll have to go get myself some for our swap..