Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I made a wallet!

My daughter Kelley wanted to make a wallet. My friend Sherrie made one from a pattern she bought and Kelley really liked it so we borrowed the pattern. Last week at TNT (Thursday Night Therapy), Kelley, my friend Neena and I cut one out and started making one. I really wasn't going to make one but I thought I could just work along with the girls if I made one too.
So this is my finished wallet. I like it but I'm not happy with how the binding went on. I ended up stitching it down with the machine and I think it looks tacky. I might take it out and tack it down by hand. I'll figure that out after I decide what I'm doing with it.

The light blue fabric with the kids faces has little birdies on their heads. Kelley REALLY wanted this fabric for her birthday in May. I bought it for her from Spoonflower. This fabric has to be given for something special like a birthday because it's custom designed and printed and is $18.00 a yard. Their site says something about beta printing and done one yard at a time or some nonesense. The cool thing is, anyone can design a fabric and have it printed. You could do a custom fabric for some special occasion and I think that's pretty cool. I just don't like that price. lol Anyway, Kelley shared her fabric so I used it with some brown and made the wallet. We couldn't tell from the pattern pieces what was what. You'd think after years of sewing, I could figure it out but I had distractions. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! :o) I would've liked to put the blue on the outside but it's okay. It will stay cleaner this way.
This is the inside of the wallet with a velcro pouch and a zippered change pocket.

And there are two sides for credit cards.....for fabric shopping, of course!!!

The girls are coming back over tonight to finish their wallets. I'll try to remember to take pictures of theirs too!


Barb said...

Your wallet turned out really nice, love the colors.

Angela said...

Adorable. Do you remember the name of the pattern? You knew someone would ask! LOL

Conni said...

Cute, cute wallet, Liz! And, from the photo, the binding looks great. $18/yard for fabric...well, you had better love it beyond tomorrow, is all I can say!! Highway robbery!

peggy said...

Your wallet looks great...too bad there won't be much $$$ in it :)
If you keep going to shop hops and signing up for every BOM that comes down the pike you'll be consistently BROKE.....LOL