Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy 6th of July!

What? The 6th of July isn't a holiday? Oh, I'm sorry. I guess I was so busy celebrating our country's Independence, I sort of missed stopping by to say hello. I hope you had a nice 4th of July. This is what was happening at our house.........
We had some food. A bar-b-que. My family was kind of cooperative to hold off eating while I grabbed my camera to show you the spread. Well, except for that arm reaching for the ketchup! :o)

I made some 'tater salad. That's how Mexican's say potato salad. LOL

And we had some family over. One of these ladies is my oldest sister and one is my youngest sister. There are seven years between them but I'm not sayin' who is who. They look darn good, don't you think? The blond hair and fair skin is the Spanish in our family. I didn't get ANY of that white stuff. I won't tell you what else they got that I didn't but THEY know!

I got this cute little bucket at some garden center. I wrapped our forks in a napkin and tied them with a ribbon just to add to the festivities.

Most everyone left early because they had a two hour commute either north or south. My SIL & BIL and two of our daughters +1 boyfriend stayed to watch the neighbor light his illegal fireworks. hehe We played two rounds of scrabble which none of us had played in YEARS. It was so much fun.

I hope you had a nice weekend and got a chance to celebrate. I did stop to say a prayer for our men and women who are fighting for our freedom so we can have bar-b-ques and parties.

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