Friday, July 31, 2009

I made a tote bag!

I made a wallet and last night I finished a tote bag. And neither one are for me. :o) My middle daughter Stephanie is taking the wallet. I just made it to work along side of Kelley and Neena. Stephanie said it matches perfectly with her brown purse. Of course it does! lol

So my co-worker Becca has a birthday on August 11th. I thought I would make her a little tote bag to carry her stuff to work. She has two daughters who play sports and she volunteers a lot at their schools and is always lugging around paperwork. So, this is the bag.

The light fabric is little ladybugs and sayings like "Ladybug, ladybug, fly away home." She loves ladybugs so this fabric had her name all over it. The only problem is the straps are too short. The pattern is a free one from Here's the link for the pattern. The pattern calls for 34 1/2" strap pieces. I would leave them the width of the fabric at 42". Just so you could carry the bag over your shoulder.
It was an easy bag with easy directions. Heres a picture of the lining.

I'm not sure what I'm doing this weekend but I have a "job" to do a tablerunner. I'll check in with pictures if I get that finished. Til then....TGIF!!!!!!!!!!


Tudy said...

What a neat bag. I love totes.

Terry said...

Great tote bag Liz! Those little ladybugs are so cute!! Your friend is sure to love it! :0)

Conni said...

Cute bag!! I'll be making 2 little girl tote bags this weekend!!

Michelle said...

Very cute tote! I love totes...can't have too many of 'em! :)