Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Gifts, gifts, gifts!

My boss was on vacation last week with her family. Can you guess where she went by these lovely gifts she brought me back...........

Don't you love Hawaiian applique? And red......yummmmm!

In the non-sewing world, this would be a travel bag for jewelry or make-up but in the quilting world, this is an accessory bag. Can't you just picture thread, scissors, thimble, etc. inside? Yeah, me too! :o)

And I got this adorable apron. Isn't it cute?!! It has a built in lei!!!

I couldn't figure out how to take a picture of it without standing in front of the bathroom mirror. I've done that before. And my husband refused to model it for me. Can you imagine? Hmpf!

And then...........I was in my sewing room, minding my own business, innocently sewing these little parts for cherry blocks for a swap.....

And my youngest daughter came in and said she has been asking me since Christmas for a little padded protective bag for her navigation 'thingie' she got for Christmas from her sisters. "If you don't have anything to do.....". Yeah, like that's ever the problem. And of course, she didn't call it a navigational 'thingie' but I can't remember what she said so that's what I'm calling it!
So I went through my stash and was going to use a cutsie fabric when I came across this vintage car fabric. Even though it's a real contrast to today's technology and not going anywhere without a system that tracks you to some satellite in orbit to get you from point A to point B, I still decided to use it.

I used fusible batting and muslin for the lining. I did a simple grid to quilt the layers together. I think the piece is 6 x 10". I also cut the fabric and pieced it so that each section would be right side up. It's hard to see the seams but when it's finished you can see it. It bothered me to have cars on their heads. Oh wait, cars don't have heads but you know what I mean.

I used double bias tape around the edges and ta-da, a finished GPS cover. Came out cuter than I thought but don't look at the rounded corners too closely. I put the bias tape on the inside and top stitched it on the outside and those curvy edges were a bit tricky. But heck, she's probably going to keep it in the bottom of her purse so no worries.

And this is the inside. I put a little 'Love, Mom' on the inside right behind the GPS. :o)

Not bad for a seven month waiting period! lol I hope she's not too satisfied a customer or she might come back for more stuff!!!


Barb said... that Hawaiian fabric too....and your little thingy for the navigator...great job!!

ojaiquilter said...

Cute stuff. What does the block look like that you were sewing the pieces for?

Kate the Quilter said...

Being a lover of old cars I am SO green with envy!! Not really, but I DO love that little GPS 'thingy'!! I really love your blog. It's just so newsy and homely and full of beautiful things!! Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing!!

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Hi Liz,
Love all the gifties and I can just see all the sewing items in your case.
Perfect holder for you daughter.
Keep Stitchen'

Michelle said...

Great job on the GPS holder! It's perfect...I'm sure she loved it!