Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sort, Stitch, Seatcover

While putting away all of my new fabric purchases over the last week or so, I was forced to sort through my bins, drawers and piles and piles of fabric to create room.  This quilting hobby is a love-hate relationship.  lol  Love the fabric, hate that I'm limited on space but it's probably a good thing that I am.  I'm happy to have a sewing room.  I lived many years with junk piled all over the dining room so I appreciate my little space. 
I relabeled some of the boxes in my closet.  Moved some things around and I think it's as good as it's going to get.  I need to make some new labels to replace the blue painters tape.  :o)
I pulled out some fabrics that I've had a long time and some that were given to me.  I filled a kitchen bag and will donate it to my friends church for prayer quilts.  It feels good to make space and to know the fabric will be used for some good.  Win-win.  :o)
One of the things that I went through was a drawer of Debbie Mum fabric.  I liked her old stuff and haven't parted with it just yet.  My sewing room valance is a one of her all over designs.  I decided to cover this nasty old chair that I use in my room.  Isn't it disgusting?  I can't believe it's taken me this long to cover it.  All because of a little sorting.  Well, a LOT of sorting!
Here "she" is with her new coat.  Or cover or whatever you want to call it.  I couldn't believe this chair had a removable back so I was able to staple gun the fabric down and then put the back piece back on.  Makes it look so professional.  For the bottom, I just sewed a casing with double fold bias tape and ran some 1/4" elastic through it.  Ta-da!!

It's a little busy, huh?  lol  That's okay.  Anything is better than that nasty old gray.  Here's a picture of the backing piece.  Pretty spiffy, huh?

Here's a shot of my valance.  (Buttons are from Joanns several years ago.)  I backed the fabric with muslin because of the light but it still faded a little bit.  I think it still has a few good years left.

And I got a little sewing done too.  In trying to get rid of some piles of fabric, I cut and stitched up some travel pillows.  I still need to sew the flannel blankets.  I hope to get those done tomorrow.

Seems like everyone is having scorching temperatures this weekend.  Today it was 101 in Fullerton (CA).  As of 10:00 tonight, it was still 92 degrees and the a/c has barely clicked off.  It'll be triple digits again tomorrow.  I hope it cools down for the 4th of July!  


Terry said...

Your chair looks great! I love it! :0)

Conni said...

Great job on the chair, Liz! Great way to "use it up"!!

The Other Barb said...

What a cozy sewing room ! Love what you did with the chair. Happy sewing!