Thursday, June 27, 2013

Umm, where am I going to put my new fabric?

Well, I'm almost done putting away my new purchases from last weekend.  The  problem is, I still had 'old' purchases that were still in a shopping bag.  lol  Those were from Road to CA in January.  Some yardage and bundles that I haven't started yet.  I decided to use my little shopping cart from the antique swap meet to hold my bundles, kits and project bags.  The two items on top are flannel from Joanns to make a matching blanket pillow set.  I left them on top because they should be easy and I will tackle those and have them ready for gifts or to sell.  That leaves, what?  6" of space?  lol
Good.  Because I have to fit this in there!  lolol  All of this except a panel and matching fabric are old "collections".  There a couple of layer cakes, fabric lines I want to keep together, etc.  I think it might fit.  Fingers crossed!!

These are my Moda Marbles that I got from the quilt run.  There are 14.  I will stop at the last shop I'm going to do tonight after work.  I will drop off my passport and be done.  I think I contributed enough to the economy and to keep the shops open.  I will put my blinders on when I go to The Calico House because they always have stuff I love.  Argh....what an addiction!!!

Just to take a 'brief' break from fabric, my daughter Ashley and SIL, Dave gave both of us moms one of these framed poems.  Isn't it cute.  Kelley, my oldest put the drawing from their wedding on there.  I think it's just so sweet.

Okay, back to fabric.  ;o)  That sweet little granddaughter-to-be is going to need some cute bedding for her bed so Ashley and I searched the internet.  We found this adorable Little Red Riding Hood fabric line from Riley Blake.  I swear, I love everything that company makes!  I found this online for a few dollars less than what cotton is going for in the quilt shops so even though I was doing the quilt run, I bought it.  I'm so glad I did.  Not one quilt shop of the 15 had any of this fabric.  It could be they did have it and it's gone already but I'm glad I didn't wait.
There are two more pieces coming that were back ordered.  Our favorite fabric is the aqua with scallops.

All three of the girls were together last night talking about shower themes.  I think they're going with a Little Red Riding Hood 'woodland' theme.  Kelley pinned a bunch of stuff on Pinterest.  It's freaking adorable.  I can hardly wait!

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