Friday, June 21, 2013

Camp Class Preparation

Guild Camp is next month.  I blogged about it here.  And though it's a little early to prepare for the classes the Southern California Quilt Run started yesterday.  Me and a couple girlfriends are going to some shops from Orange County to San Diego.  We're going to stay the night for the first time ever.  How fun, right?  I've been saving my loot so we'll see what treasures I come home with.  Hopefully not too many because Mr. Hubbard's Cupboards are F-U-L-L!!  :o)
So....for the class by Joanna Figueroa class (Figtree Quilts), I am going to use a jelly roll I've had for years.  I only had three jelly rolls to pick from.  lol  I guess I buy yardage and not jelly rolls!  So the first picture is what I came up with just putting various strips side by side.  There were too many mediums and not enough lights or contrast.  In the second picture, I pulled some additional fabrics from my stash, adding some ginghams and a few light prints.  I can't believe I hardly had any lights with pastel colors in them!

The pictures below are the changed combinations.  The piles still need a little rearranging but it's getting better.  I think this weekend I'll be looking for a border fabric and just a few lights with dots, checks, etc. to add to the mix and I will be set for class one.  I never even got started with class #2.  Whoooboy!!

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Terry said...

Such pretty fabric! :0)