Thursday, September 23, 2010

Vintage Halloween BOM

So last night, I'm talking to my sister on the phone. We are going to be doing a pretend Block of the Month with some other friends. (No-blog Isabel and Carolyn, Peggy, Robin, Michelle) The "pretend" part is there will be no kit, no monthly fee and no once-a-month package in the mail to gently remind us to get your butt in gear because you've got a new block due!!! This is the embroidery pattern from Crabapple Hill called Vintage Halloween that we're going to do starting October 1st.

Isabel said she went through her floss and didn't have all the colors she needed so she had gone to her local "in town" craft store. They didn't have any black or a couple of other colors she needed. I had already eaten dinner and my hubby was playing golf so I told her I'd run to Michael's real quick. She lives in a cute little town with Ben Franklin as her local quilt shop and has to make a kind of long drive to get to "the big city". LOL I make it sound like she lives in po-dunk, huh? She's not but she still has to make a drive to get to the good stuff. I'm a city slicker, with many craft store choices in any direction. So off I went and found all the colors of floss I needed except one, #444. That little space was empty. Isabel told me that it's a yellow color so I picked up some alternate choices. I had her on the phone and she was looking at her color chart. :o) Technology. What did people do before computers and cell phones? I got the floss for her too and back home I went. (And let me tell you how hard it was NOT to buy any new Cricut cartridges at Michael's!! I had to walk right past them to get to the floss!!!)

When I got home, instead of working on my current (and very behind) BOM, I sat and cleaned up my floss box, wound my new pretty colors and re-wrapped some that were loose and messy. Look how pretty it looks now. (My sock drawer should look this good!!) lol

While I was sitting winding, winding, winding, I was watching some tv and then the news came on. The weather man said something about a Harvest Moon and that we won't have another one like this until 2029. Hello? I'll be 72 in 2029....if I'm lucky. Since I didn't know if I'd see another one, I got up, grabbed my camera and went outside to take a looksie. And this is all my little old Sony camera could do....

I could've gotten the same results by using a hole punch and a piece of black cardstock!! LOL So I looked online today and got this 'more-than-I-need-to-know' explanation about a Harvest Moon, the equinox, yada, yada, yada and some much nicer pictures than what I could take. Now this is more like it. Makes you want to snuggle up with a nice flannel quilt and get those cooler temperatures for Fall's arrival.....

(Photo removed)
Those cooler temps won't be happening here in Southern Cal. We've had such a mild summer but I guess we're gonna play catch up because that same weather report last night said it'll be in the 80's today and 90's this weekend. Argh!!! So I guess I'll be feeling cool temps but only because I'll be running my a/c! :o)


Michelle said...

Very nice and organized Liz! Funny, I did the same thing a week or so floss boxes were all messy, so I spent a little time and straightened everything up. It's hot here fall temps for a while.

Monica said...

You'll have fun with the Vintage Trick or Treat! I completed it about a month ago. The top and center blocks will take you the longest because the amount of fill stitches is ridiculous.

The Other Barb said...

Wow, your floss box looks great!
love the Harvest Moon shot :)

3anklebiters said...

Great pattern! Those are the blocks i finally finished this week. My mom and I did blackwork on a 30s repo solid orange.

Vickie said...

Oh, my gosh, you troublemaker. Now I have to find my pattern and see what floss I need. I was going by the Hobby store today and I can't go until I find that pattern. Also, fabric to shop for. I don't need a new project, but I can't let all of you stitch without me.

David Blaire said...

The pattern is nice, looks gorgeous and so colorful. great!

joseph rodriguez said...

Photo of harvest moon and hawk.
Please remove my photo from your website.
You do not have authority for its use.
Thank you,
Joseph Rodriguez/ Staff Photographer
News & Record
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Greensboro NC 27401
(336) 373-5954