Thursday, September 16, 2010

Big Hearts

For the next two months, the city I live in, Fullerton, will have 5' hearts on display to benefit "All the Arts for All the Kids Foundation". If you're interested in the article you read about it here.

Having an 'artsy' daughter who got her beginning in the Fullerton school system, I thought this was a pretty cool thing. The hearts will be auctioned off on October 30th and though I can't afford one, have no place to put one or really don't want one, I think seeing them around town makes my little city of about 126,000 seem just a little prettier. :o)

These photos are from the article in the Orange County Register. They were taken at the Farmer's Market in downtown Fullerton.

Those pictures don't do any of the hearts justice. They are really pretty in person. I'm sure a lot of hard work went into each one. And not to be outdone by the professional photographers at the paper, I have taken a few pictures of my I've driven down the street on my way to get my hair done or on the way to the bank. It's not easy doing a drive-by photo shoot!!!

This one is called Children's Dreams

All Kinds of Friends

The Academy of Performing Arts St. Paul

The Essence of a Dream
Of course, I had to share all of this with you as a stretch....because I don't have any crafting or sewing finishes to show you. lol I'm going to my buddy's house for a little crafting tonight so I should be able to share some goodies with you soon.


Conni said...

Cute hearts! What are they made out of? Are they balloons?

Yvette said...

I need to take a drive this weekend and check those out!

The Other Barb said...

wow! that is so neat. I must put a smile on your face as you pass one of these works of "heart" :)