Thursday, September 2, 2010

Missed my deadline

I signed up to play in a block swap over on the Yahoo group I run, Backporch Friends. This time I didn't have to do the be the hostess, I just got to play along which was fun. One of the regular ladies who is chatty like me, Barb, offered to be a guest hostess. Wasn't that nice? :o)
Due to all the goings on with my mom's illness and her funeral, I didn't get my blocks done on time to meet the 8/31 deadline. Barb let me send them in late so I got those in the mail yesterday. I had the "parts" left to make one more block so I'll sew this up and try to get a few more put together so I have more to work with for a little quilt.

There are only 5 blocks in a set and I did two sets so I'll just have 10 blocks. They are 8 1/2". My initial thought for the setting for these was to put the blocks in the middle of the quilt and do a big white-on-white border and try my hand at applique. Machine applique probably! Swaps are fun but I hate that they lead to UFO's. Not for everyone but they seem to for me. Grrrr.
Heading to a car show on Saturday with my hubby. We'll go with my sister and BIL and my nephew and his wife. We'll stay the night and come home Sunday. Hubby has homework to do for his online class and I have the need for speed...on my sewing machine foot pedal, that is. ;o) Have a wonderful Labor Day!

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greetingarts said...

Enjoy your weekend, those blocks are purty! Your points are so perfect...