Sunday, September 26, 2010

Saturday Sew-in Status

You'd have trouble saying that with a lisp, wouldn't you? :o) Just a quick check-in between putting away all of my supplies and doing some housekeeping.
This is our little favor that our friend Neena gave us yesterday. It is so cute with the little 'bat owl' on the outside. On the inside was delicious cuts of Stampin' Up! ribbon in new gorgeous colors, some pretty decorative brads and watercolor cards with the cutest kids on them. I should've taken a picture of the contents but once I put it back inside, I didn't want to mess up the ribbon again. I think I'm just pooped from all the work yesterday. It wasn't so much the sewing, but moving an entire sewing room to my friend's place. But soooo worth it~

Susan went to visit her mom about a month ago and brought us treats from the Quilter's Hall of Fame in Marion, Indiana. One was a cute little finger pincushion and the other was a book with historical quilts and quilters who have made it into the Hall of Fame. I didn't see my name in there so I guess I better get busy!!! lol

Susan worked on some beautiful Fall placemats, which I didn't get a picture of with some of the leftover fabric, she made these cute table runners. I think they took her about an hour. A really simple pattern where you cut a 10" strip of each of the fabrics and sew them into a tube. I can't remember the rest cuz I wasn't paying that close attention.

I was working on these......

And these....

They are from charm packs I bought at Cozy Cottage on the quilt run this summer. The long ones are for me and my middle daughter and the shorter two are for my oldest and youngest daughters. I still need to add black borders to them and I think I'll use a stripe on the bias for the binding. So, I better get my room put back and busy or this will just be another UFO and not done by Halloween!!


3anklebiters said...

i like your little fun halloween table runners and toppers. what fun!

The Other Barb said...

what cute table runners/toppers~I tried to look inside the bag, that Neena gave you, to see the new color ribbons & decorative brads :)