Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day!

Just popping in to say hello, wish you a Happy Labor Day and hoping you had the day off. I did and it's a gorgeous day in Fullerton. Blue skies, a light breeze and 74 degrees. Ahhhhhh!

Saturday we went to a car show in Ventura. First off, it was a Rat Rod show with lots of primered cars, tattooed dudes and pin-up girls, just to give you an idea of what types of people were there. Well, there were some regular folks like us there too but mostly the others. This sight gave us all a laugh. Glazed Almonds, cooked in water, no oil and no butter, zero customers. Budweiser at $7.00 a glass.......well, the line speaks for itself. lol

My sister and I both thought this was a great sign. It was under a tarp for a car group but we thought it fits our sewing groups too. "No don'ts" The group name, Yakety Yaks fits most quilting or crafting groups too, don't you think? :o)

They had a pin-up girl contest and I'm thinking this little one might have won in her age group. She even had adorable little red polka dot shoes on. I think she had the best seat in the house!

And today I did a little planting. I am the person with two brown thumbs but I keep trying!! My friend from school, Cindy, gave me a beautiful lavendar rose bush in memory of my mom. It's called Angel Face. The bush was in the car for the service and afterward so it's showing some shock. I'm hoping it makes it.

While at Home Depot picking up potting soil, I found this pretty rosebush called Aquarius, my sun sign. I liked it even without the Aquarius name but that was the clincher. I hope they both produce lots of pretty roses. (fingers crossed)

Off I go to do that last block in my BOM Berry Picking. Wish me luck in getting that block done and my top finished soon. I am going to do another BOM that starts October 1st so I 'have' to get this one done! Ack...the pressure!


The Other Barb said...

sounds like a fun Labor Day. We've been to a few cars shows like the one you attended.

Love the roses. My soil doesn't grow roses( really sandy) . Hope the lavendar rose makes it. It should since it was given in your mom's memory.

ojaiquilter said...

It was a great visit. I still think the line for nuts is hilarious.haha The aquarious rose is beautiful.