Thursday, June 24, 2010

UFO #4

I realized I forgot to post about my finished quilt. I decided to call it "Take Me Out to the Ballgame aka, Sasquatch Quilt for Richard". :o) I don't remember if I told the story about that Sasquatch name but I put it on the label (below).

This is Sasquatch holding his quilt sideways.

I asked him to turn it longways and look at this. My husband is 6'1" and his arms are up in the air holding this quilt up. Look how much is lying on the floor. I think I could sit on the couch and he could be in his recliner and we could both cover up with it! LOL Maybe I thought he 7'1". :o)

I like the design created in this mystery pattern. And I like how the red ended up in a place that it sort of looks like hearts. Just perfect for a quilt from a wife to her hubby. And here's the label to explain to the generations why this quilt was so long.

Don't you love that baseball flannel?


Terry said...

Great quilt! Better too big than too short! LOL

Helen said...

Fantastic quilt Liz!!! Lucky hubby!! Mine is still waiting for his first quilt:-) ... it's the D9P that mucked up the tension on my machine so he'll be waiting a little longer!!!

Loved the tour of the quilt shops!

Happy Sewing!

greetingarts said...

Oh, man, that must feel so good to get that one done! It's great and I love the red "hearts." I told my Richard he should be happy that I gave him the second quilt I ever made (the first one went to Rebecca and was a simple rag one when she was an infant). Now I've got to work on Jessie's!