Tuesday, June 22, 2010

So. California Quilt Run 2010

Well, this is one long post but I have a lot to say. How unusual eh? :o)

On Saturday, my buddy Neena and I went driving all over Southern California visiting shops on the Southern California Quilt Run, seeing what was new out there. Well, we didn't really drive all over Southern California, mostly just Orange County and some of Riverside County but at the end of the day, it sure felt like all of Southern Cal! :o) We went to 12 shops from Area 2 on the map, approximately 10:30 a.m.-8:00 p.m., ate two meals and went through one tank of gas and for me, about $80.00.

If you've never been on a quilt run or if you're not a quilter,
here's the deal for the Southern Cal Run. You can read about all the prizes, the shops, see the map.... This year, the shops were giving away a jewelry charm that matched the block they created, plus we got the pattern for the block they designed. I took some pictures of the shop quilts but didn't get them all. I guess at some shops, my eyes glazed over and I forgot to take one. I'm serious! lol

The first shop we went to was Timeless Quilts in Anaheim. Timeless has downsized from a renovated house to a detached garage on the property. It's not very big but the owner Arlene does a nice job of having cute stuff in there and unless you look at the doors, you don't feel like you're in a garage either.

This is the shop quilt they made with the quilt run blocks. I love basket blocks so I might actually try to make a quilt using the free patterns. Neena and I found a cute fabric and it seemed like there wasn't much on the bolt so we asked if they have an "empty the bolt" discount, which they did. We split the fabric, which was about two yards so we each got one. The first of many purchases. And you have to love a store that has cherry curtains, right? :o)

From Timeless, we took a loooooong drive to A Time to Sew in Laguna Hills. The map said 22 miles. Seemed like forever to get to it. I didn't get a picture of their quilt sample but Neena really liked this quilt stand in the back of the store. I think we ought to get her husband to start mass producing them for all of her friends. :o) Oh, and did you notice that cherry quilt? Yeah, me too!

The next store was Flying Geese Fabrics in Tustin. Boy, I love that Lakehouse fabric. Yummmmy!! They had a kit for this quilt but I was afraid to look at the price. lol I couldn't resists buying a fat quarter pack of the pink and white fabrics though. So pretty!

From there, we went to Bear's Quilt Shop in Garden Grove but that store, unfortunately, does nothing for us. They weren't included in the last run because of the comments people left on their survey.... a dog in the shop that scared the beegeebees out of you when you walked in, dirty warehouse, old fabrics, etc. The "powers that be" gave them a chance to clean up their act and participate again and the store was cleaner but they have no wow factor. In my opinion they need more help than a broom. It's owned by two men. Maybe they need the female touch. I don't know but Neena nailed it as we walked to the car....."I never want to go to this store again."

From there we went to another Garden Grove store, The Quilt Cupboard. It was pretty busy and this 30's quilt was the shop quilt. Pretty cute but I REALLY liked the cherry one in ME fabrics next to it. Ohhhhh, where could I put that quilt???? What, you can't see it? I'll fix that!

Here it is. Ooooooh, don't you love those colors. Red and yellow. I must be going through a phase....another one....again! lol

At this point our stomachs were panging and begging for something to eat. Hard to believe since we downed cookies at just about every shop we hit so far. hehe We did a drive-thru so we wouldn't have to waiver from our shopping adventure. No one should hold a little food stain on our t-shirt against us, right? :o)

From Garden Grove, we drove to Brea to Cozy Cottage Fabrics. There was some cute stuff in the shop and Kris, the owner was working so I got to chat with her a bit. Must be why I didn't get one stinkin' picture of the shop or their shop quilt! I'm so easily distracted. They had the cutest dang line of Halloween fabrics by the door that I was oogling over. They have an Accucut so they create their own charm packs and I had to have some. Two as a matter of fact. Just in case one charm pack wouldn't do it. Do "what", I don't know but I'm sure I needed two. LOL I showed two of my daughters and they both said it was a good decision. We're kind of enablers that way. ;o)

Off to The Calico House who moved to a new location just down the path from their old spot. A nice big store with an awesome classroom with the most comfortable chairs you've ever put your backside in!!! We all tried them and decided we might have to go back just to sit in those chairs again.

We were started to feel the long day here and were getting tuckered out but had to keep going. I'm thinking those chairs ruined us. From here we went to Quilter's Garden, also in a new location. They were so cramped before and the new store is very open and roomy. It was a little hard to find but once you've been there, you would know they are around back of the shopping center.

To try and wrap up this post, the next four shops we hit were Stars & Scraps Quilt Shop in Corona, Quilter's Cocoon in Riverside, The Fabric Patch in Montclair and Ginger's Quilt Shop in Upland.

I love Stars & Scraps. They have lots of really cute kits, they carry a lot of Moda and some really nice stained muslin for that 'primitive' quilting and the staff and owner are very nice. It's worth making the drive out there once in a while. I'm supposed to go out again on Sunday, again with Neena and with Susan. Since the shops are only open until 5:00, we'll have to make the most of our time. And we want to hit some shops in Area 1 but that section is surrounded by big city traffic so we'll see how we do. And don't you worry, I'll tell you all about it.....whether you want to hear it or not! LOL


Yvette said...

How fun!

You make me want to run this weekend. I did make it to Quilters Garden to check out the new shop, which was much nicer. I was able to finally see all the gorgeous fabrics.

I also went to Orange Quilt Bee that wasn't on the run.

I so agree with you about Bears. I will NEVER go there again. I love dogs but I thought I was going to be attacked the last time I was in there. It is also very dirty and the fabrics are so old that a thick layer of dust had settled on them. Yuck! Plus, those guys are not the friendliest in town. I have seen their longarm work and it is very good, I guess that is how they stay in business.

ojaiquilter said...

I'm tired just reading the blog. But I did make a copy of the cherry quilt in ME fabric!!

The Other Barb said...

a great blog abt your Quilt Run.Wish I could have joined you :)