Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Antique Mall and Swap Meet Shopping

Before and after making cards this past weekend, I did a little shopping. First, on Saturday, Isabel, Kelley and I went downtown Fullerton to a favorite little antique mall called The Brick Basement. The prices are decent compared to antique shops and sometimes, depending on the vendor, they will negotiate or offer deals and sales. Sometimes, things might be priced a little higher than I'd like to pay and then "sometimes" an item calls to me and I've gotta have it!! Such is the case of this little chicken cookie jar. I should probably name her but as of right now, she adorns my table.....and she looks quite at home on my table topper!!

I doubt she is very old and perhaps there is no value, except for to me. I walked past her twice and while on another aisle, I told Isabel, "I think I need to buy that chicken." Being a supportive sister she agreed I needed to have it. hehe I thought I would put it on my kitchen counter but I need to clean up and put some things away first. Until then, she can keep an eye on things from the table. :o)
***Insert card making here, from yesterdays post some sleep and then onto Sunday.***

Sunday, Kelley, Richard and I went to Long Beach Veteran's Antique Swap Meet. Kind of some good stuff and kind of some junk. I guess you get that with any antique swap meet. Kelley and I laughed when we saw a set of horns that must've measured 6' across. I don't know what animal they were from but what's funnier is we saw a man loading them into his pick-up truck when we were leaving. It just tickled us that there's somebody out there to buy just about anything!

Looking at some of the painted furniture made us think that some of the old pieces we have and are ready to pitch out because maybe they are stained an old fashioned maple color or not our taste, look pretty darn good with a coat of paint!! I couldn't believe all the old consoles they had there from the 50's and 60's. I guess there is a new generation loving that retro look.

Some booths had pretty good displays. This woman had little groupings that were very cute. She had a red, white and blue section for the Memorial holiday or 4th of July that will be here before we know it. I couldn't get a picture of it though because there were people just standing there blocking my shot. The nerve!

I loved this little ironing board and iron but it was way overpriced. I don't have any place to put it anyway. Thank goodness or I might of lost my senses and bought it!

Kelley found this little cabinet. She's not sure what she wants to do with it and really doesn't have room for it right now. It was marked $30 but we asked if she would take $20. We thought that was decent for a display piece.

These are the pieces I got. The crocheted flowers aren't antique but I'm going to tea stain some and leave some white and use them for crafts and cards. The spoon had a handle in great shape compared to some that I've gotten. I paid $2. You can tell the little bowl was painted on the inside so I'm not sure I can use it for food but I might use it in my sewing room. I haven't decided yet.

I think we might be hooked and will try and go again. It's the 3rd Sunday of the month, rain or shine.


Anonymous said...

coool looking chick! nooo not you the pollo on your table! I hope it's glued down GIRL,jou know how i love poyitos!


Conni said...

What a cute chicken!! And she looks cozy on the table quilt.

peggy said...

I love all your finds! Kelley's piece of furniture would look great repainted in a nice red wouldn't it?

Good thing I don't live in CA or I'd have to stop by and take that chicken for a visit at my house :)


ojaiquilter said...

Your chicken looks great. Next time I'll have to see about going with you!!