Monday, June 7, 2010

Birthday Pennant

Last night, my youngest daughter Ashley and her co-worker Jenny came over. Jenny wanted to make a birthday pennant for her one year old daughter's birthday so they came over to have a work party and we got to work. Jenny picked the cutest fabrics from Joann's. Very sweet and girly and something she can use for years as her little one grows up. It went pretty smoothly except I forgot to have her get bias tape to sew onto the top edge to attach to the pennant pieces but it worked out okay. The girls ran over to Michael's and picked up red ribbon. I actually think the ribbon looked better than bias tape would have.

We used my Sizzix machine and I borrowed my friend Neena's pennant die cut template from Stampin' Up! Jenny started ironing the Heat n Bond to the fabric and then passed the torch to Ashley so she could start cutting the pennant pieces. Look at these cute colors!

They are double sided and the scalloped edge just adds to the fun of this project. I pinned the pieces to the red ribbon by sandwiching the fabric between two pieces of ribbon and leaving about 20" of ribbon on each end.

Originally Jenny wanted to put letters on each triangle but my letter set was too small. We even tried to cut the fabric with my Cricut but I think my blade was too old and it was just shredding the fabric. I'll have to try that again some day. It would sure come in handy for some crafting. The die shape that we used cuts one big pennant shape, one small one and a couple of little round scalloped circles. Jenny used all the scraps from the pennants to cut as many circles as she could and came up with this to spell out "Happy Birthday Kylie". Isn's she clever? These letters were the ones that were too small for the pennant triangles but they fit perfectly on these little circles. She just has to iron the letters and then she'll glue them down to some ribbon.

I think I'm going to go through my fabric. I'm feeling the need to have a banner of my own now. Yes, I'm jealous. :o)


The Other Barb said...

this is so cute!

Conni said...

How adorable!! My sister made one with a see-through vinyl pocket on one of the pennants so you could add a photo!

Robin said...

Super cute and very creative, Liz!!! I think you deserve your own banner!

ojaiquilter said...

Very cute, when I visit in July I want the pattern!