Monday, June 7, 2010

Little Blooms

I'm trying to get one more UFO done before the June 30th deadline for the Yahoo group challenge over on Backporch Friends. I had this little floral nine patch/snowball top done. It measures 41" square and the floral fabrics were a kit I got at last years Quilter's Run so not bad, to have the top finished THIS year! :o)
I sandwiched the top at Lake Arrowhead a couple of weekends ago. I marked the flowers before sandwiching it. I stitched in the ditch with my Juki while at the condo and only got one flower stitched. So yesterday I spent some time cleaning up my sewing room and then dove into stitching the little blossoms.

At about 10:30 I thought about quitting but then I counted the flowers and thought, "Oh, you can do a few more." Well, a few more and a few more and before I knew it, I was done. Yay!!! Of course, I couldn't stand the suspense so I sprayed the quilt with water to get a feel for what it would look like without the blue ink. I'm lovin' it!

Now to try and figure out what to do on the borders. I have a couple of small templates with leaves and a small blossom but they're not quite the right size so I'll have to work it out on paper first. Stay tuned.... I'm hoping to have this one done by the weekend. I have someone coming over tonight to help her make a pennant for her daughters birthday so I think sewing tonight will be out. Oh well, that will give me a day or two to think about the borders.


greetingarts said...

It looks fantastic! I really love it. You're just churning them out, lady!

Lindah said...

Neat idea with the flowers! A really pretty quilt. Did you follow the flowers freehand or use the regular foot and feeddogs? or?

Terry said...

It looks wonderful! :0)

The Other Barb said...

Love the "softness" that i feel when I look at this quilt.Love the flowers in the center. Glad you got it done.