Thursday, June 3, 2010


Geesh, I have got to be the slowest quilter known to woman-kind. :o) But it's done, finished, fini! And it only took me five years. LOL I pictured the quilting on this quilt to be some gorgeous feathers and swirly vines and leaves. Well, those visions were only in my head and since I'm too cheap to pay a longarm quilter, that's where those visions stayed. So this quilt was done with plastic stencils, stitch in the ditch and a little free hand drawing (in the sashing).

As I was trying to find out when I started this project for the label, I saw in my webshots album that it was 4/7/05! Five years ago. Man, I REALLY had to think about the quilting on this one. LOL I talked about this top and then showed the quilting in a couple of other posts, here (scroll down) and here. I never added any fabric to make it bigger. I'm not sure if I'll use it on my bed or not. If I do, I need to buy something to cover the "drop" that this won't cover.

As my husband held it up for me to take a picture, I told him that it's not big enough. He said, "Well, why didn't you make it bigger?" I told him when I started it, it was a class and I just wanted to try using templates. Then, by the time I decided I wanted to make it bigger, I couldn't find any more fabric. Guess I'll have to make another quilt and make it a driveway quilt like Peggy does, a few examples here and here! :o)
I have til the end of the month for this UFO Challenge I'm in. I started quilting another quilt while in Lake Arrowhead. I wonder if I could get it done? I'm a pokey little puppy so who knows. Guess it's worth a try........


ojaiquilter said...

Liz, it looks great!! When you finish it doesn't matter, what matters is that you finished it!!!
I don't know where all this guilt comes from lol

Lindah said...

Very nice, Liz! Aren't finishes great. You know, if it is too small to be the main quilt on the bed, maybe this could be the footwarmer quilt artistically draped across the foot of the bed.

3anklebiters said...

it looks fantastic and you did a great job quilting it. congrats on a finish.