Monday, August 3, 2009

I didn't get any emails....

I can only assume I didn't win any prizes in those giveaways I posted about a few days ago but I'll keep trying. This is why I don't buy lottery tickets. LOL

Hey, did you notice I haven't posted for a couple of days? I've been a busy lady. (I use the term "lady" loosly.) This is what I've been doing.........

My daughter's boyfriend Dave, turned 21 on Saturday. His family is here from Hawaii and we all went out to dinner. They're going to move from Hawaii so they're checking out different areas in CA. Here's the birthday boy with his mama Missy at the Lazy Dog Restaurant. She was happy as could be to be hugging her boy on his birthday.

I laid out my cherry blocks from a swap a few weeks ago. I made another block to give me enough for an on-point setting. I got part of one row sewed together and then started something else. I'll come back to this but I had a deadline....sort of.

I made this table runner as a favor for my friend Neena. She has a trip to Utah for her Stampin' Up convention and needed a gift for a secret sister. She was in a crunch (Neena's always in a crunch! lol) and asked me if I would make it for her in exchange for Stampin' Up stuff. I got it put together but she forgot to leave me the backing fabric. Things weren't working out the way she planned so she got a back up gift and I guess she's going to keep the runner. Now she'll get to quilt it! hehe I still get the goodies for sewing it together. Woohoo!

And this guy came into our office last week. He looks kind of familiar, don't you think? He came in for supplemental insurance to his medicare. Hey, especially Santa has to stay healthy!!! :o) He happened to have 8x10 glossy's in a folder he brought with him. He gave each one of us ladies a different pose.

I've been stitching up some scraps for a split nine patch swap. I'll keep chipping away at my cherry top. Lots of pinning on that one so I'll work on that between other projects until I get it together. I've got a few things to share with you tomorrow but I'm pooped tonight so I'll have to load pictures tomorrow.

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Terry said...

Your cherry swap blocks are looking good Liz! I really like them set on point! Enjoy your day! :0)