Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Ashley!

Friday was my baby girl's birthday. She doesn't look much like a baby girl. Ashley turned 25. TWENTY FIVE!!! Ack, I am getting sooooo old!

This is her and her sweetie David. We had brunch on Sunday at a little Mexican restaurant in Anaheim. Ashley was trying to have everyone there and since Stephanie (middle sister) had to work, brunch it was.

That is the first time we've been there for brunch. They had chorizo and eggs, Mexican sweet bread and Mexican chocolate milk. You could taste the cream and cinnamon. Yum. Chilaquiles (the girls said Aunt Virgie makes them better), menudo (if you don't know, don't ask). lol... It's a Mexican staple for weekends and for hangovers. I gross the family out everytime I eat it but I can't help it. When you're raised on that stuff, you just love it. Look it up. I can't bare to tell you what's in it. LOL
And then it was time for presents!!! I told her we'd go shopping after brunch so that was her gift from us. She wanted some new clothes. Kelley, the artsy daughter painted her a picture. We're looking forward to a holiday when we get a gift from her. We love her little people!!

She found a cute saying about sisters and cookies. Two favorites in our household! :o)

Here's a close up. Sorry for the glare from the flash. It was a dark restaurant.

I have a little catching up to do with the last day of our sister weekend when went to see Wicked. I'll try and post that tonight so I can do an update of my pincushions I'm working on. Oooo, one of them came out soooo cute! :o)


Angela said... I agree with the kids...GROSS! Love Kellie's lil kids too.

Angela said...

The silly link didnt all post.

Conni said...

What beautiful girls you have!! And Kelley is so very talented with her drawings! I'm going to take Angela's word for it, and believe that the menudo is gross...whatever it is!!!! LOL!