Thursday, August 27, 2009

I did my duty....

...Jury duty, that is. I received my notice several weeks ago and did the "phone-in" thing for the Fullerton Courthouse. They didn't need me Monday or Tuesday but Wednesday I was asked to show up. Pooey...

I got called first thing in the morning after orientation and as if I had a sticker on my forhead, I was one of the first groups to be polled. I didn't even put a dent in my stitchery that I took with me!!! It was a DUI case and before they even called any jurors, they read what the charges were. In my head I thought, 'GUILTY!' I kept telling myself that I didn't even know this person but I couldn't help it. During the polling process, the attorney for the defendant asked me if I thought his client was guilty or innocent. I told him that I thought he was guilty from the moment they read the charges when I was still sitting in the chair with the other jury members. They waited a while but they dismissed me. They dismissed my entire row. I never really gave it much thought but in this day and age, I would hate to be on trial for driving under the influence. Who hasn't been affected by a drunk driver, either personally or just in their own town. I would've listened to the information and based my decision on that but the first thing that came into my head was guilty so I was being honest.

Since they let me off the hook, I could've gone back to work but when I called the boss said I didn't have to. YAY!!!! Time off for good behavior! lol I was still on Harbor Blvd., our main street that runs downtown Fullerton. Here's a picture from the internet to give you an idea of the quaint feel.

There is an awesome little antique mall I have mentioned here before, The Brick Basement. My daughter Stephanie met me there. She had seen some elderly patients for P.T. and was done. Perfect timing! We went in there and found some treasures I couldn't live without. :o) Like this two tiered wire basket. All of the booths are owned by individuals and one vendor was filling her booth when I saw the basket sitting on the floor.

I pretended to look at other things on the shelf because I wanted to give her room to breath but I just kept looking down at it. Finally I reached down and picked it up and saw the little sticker that said $11.00. I guess I expected it to be more because I said the price outloud....ELEVEN dollars???
I'll take it!!! The woman said she was thinking she would use it at Christmas and fill it with glass bubbles but never did. I already set it on the table and can picture using it for every holiday. And if I get tired of it inside, I can put it on the patio and fill it with moss and flowers.

And this was my other find. And embroidered tablecloth. Lazy daisies all over the place.

It looks handmade and there was this little tag on the back. I liked it even if it's store bought. I'll have to take a leaf out of my table for it to fit or I can use it on a card table. So darned cute.

And here are my cherry tart pincushions.

I didn't think of these myself. I saw them on a blog and saved the picture for reference. But I didn't save the link to give the lady who thought of this pincushion credit. :o( I'll keep searching the internet because even though it isn't a pattern, it was someone elses idea and I'd like to mention who thought of it. I do like the way mine came out. I couldn't find the right color tan for the crust though. Looks a bit "burnt". lol


Barb said...

Love the pin cushions...the basket and yea!! for a day off work.

Come on over for my to see you.

greetingarts said...

So pretty, and I *like* my crust well done. :0)