Saturday, August 8, 2009

Alan Jackson Concert

It was my sister-in-law's 60th birthday on Thursday, August 6th. She loves country music and we do too so we got tickets to go see Alan Jackson at the Orange County Fair. I'm such a goof though, I read the information on the website and it said no cameras....and I listened! And everyone around me had a camera. I was so mad at myself. Luckily, I had my cell phone but the pictures of the concert once it started aren't very good. There's no zoom on my phone. :o( My other goof is I didn't take one picture of the birthday girl. Sheesh, I'm losing it! lol

We had a nice dinner at Mimi's Cafe and got to the fairgrounds early. Traffic in Orange County can be horrendous, especially by the fairgrounds because it's by the OC airport and about three freeway merges. But we made it. The weather cooled off to a nice mid 70's or so.

I had never been to the Amphitheater before and didn't know about the seating. Our tickets were about $40 each and I was hoping we weren't too far away. It didn't seem too bad compared to some venues we've been to.
And they started the countdown two minutes to 8:00. Sit down people!!!!!!

Not a great picture but it was good to the naked eye!

Alan sang all of our favorites like Itty Bitty, Where Were You (the tribute song to 9-11), Red, Red Rose and lots of others. We were bummed when the concert was over. It wasn't quite long enough but a good show anyway.

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peggy said...

Alan who???? Never heard of him! music...never listen to it LOL
Sounds like you had a nice time and hope the birthday girl had a nice time.