Monday, August 10, 2009


We're having a pincushion swap on our Yahoo group, Backporch Friends. That got Peggy to share pictures of her pincushion collection. What she posted must only be a little bit of what she's got because she said she's going to have to add shelves to display them all. These are most of my pincushions....
Two chickens, a little ME teapot pillow and a ZsaZsa Liz. That bear is the result of one of those emails where to you took the last letter of your first name, etc. and got a nick-name. Because of the "z" in Liz, my name was Zsa Zsa something or other. I was the only person in the swap who got a boa on my little bear. :o)

A wool flower, a velvet and leapard purse. I made the rolling pin and the watermelon.A little wool flower, maybe a black eyed Susan? A bunny, a sunflower on a wood base and a lady's bonnet.

A bright little square pincushion, a Homer donut. Peggy made that one and it reminds me of Homer Simpson....Doughhhhhnut, yum. :o) A little wool felt cat and a mouse.

Wool is popular for the pincushions because you can layer and manipulate the pieces. A ladybug, frog, shoe, little pillow and a crocheted needle keep.

This one had to be by itself. It is so grand. This is my Humpty Dumpty. There was a member of the group that has tole painting experience. Her name is Alice but she left the group for medical reasons. This Humpty was one of her pincushions. She did a Raggedy Ann that was as fabulous. Alice also made the black hat and my ZsaZsa Liz bear. Such a talented woman.

I'm still working on my split nine patch blocks and then I'll get to working on my pincushions. I'll share pictures of what I come up with but I can tell you, it won't be fabulous like Alice's!!!


peggy said...

Oh...if only Alice would make me a Humpty Dumpty....
You have quite a few that i have too Liz! I think I'll take more pictures later in the week and post a few more for examples :)

greetingarts said...

Well, I'll never be at a loss as to what to give you as a gift... that is a wonderful collection, and so useful!

Robin said...

Great pincushions Liz!!! one can never have too many you know ;)