Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rose Bowl Flea Market

Sunday I went to the Rose Bowl Flea Market. My husband went with me so that I wouldn't get lost. The last time I attempted this trip was several years ago. My friend Sherrie and I tried to get there but we got to talking.....and we missed a freeway merge and ended up in Barstow! If you know CA, you know Barstow is a little farther drive from Orange County than Pasadena. lol Hard to believe two women in a car driving would get so busy talking we'd miss a turn off but I'm sure it's been known to happen. :o)

This time, with my hubby at the wheel, I made it. Although he told me I owe him a trip to Pomona when they have their car swap meet. There are hundreds of miles of car parts so I'm going to try and think of a way out of that one. Don't tell. I'm hoping he'll forget!

So, this is the Rose Bowl entrance. This picture is from their website. I didn't think of taking a picture until we were about ready to leave! DOH!

This picture is from the parking lot where we parked.....using the zoom lens!

And this next picture is without the zoom. This was the FREE parking! The bad news is far from the entrance. The good news is it's close to the exit! :o) Can you see that itty bitty Rose Bowl sign? lol

Again, by the time I thought to take pictures, we were in the junk aisles. I like those film reels though. Those would be cute if you had a home theatre room.

My hubby liked this furry hat. We didn't buy it.....thank God!

But I did get these cute little egg cups.

Their marked Pacific and Made in USA. I doubt they're worth much because they're chipped around the base but I liked the colors. Reminds me of Fiestaware. I actually thought I might use them with 30's fabrics and make some pincushions out of them for the upcoming swap I'm in but I'm not sure if they'll work. If I do that and they're cute, I'll share a picture. If they're ugly, I won't. LOL

They sure are cute stacked up like this. Hmmm, I think I need to boil some eggs.
And I got these jello molds thinking about that same pincushion swap. Stay tuned.

And I walked by one vendor who had what looked like a vintage wine carrier filled with these knitting needles. The container is probably worth more than the needles!

My sister knits and I can knit and purl but that's it. I was curious about the price so I asked the vendor how much? He said eight dollars. Hmmm, I wasn't willing to give up eight dollars on those. I told him I would think about it. We walked by him again because me and my hubby got separated and he wanted to show me something on that aisle. I walked by and asked the vendor if he'd take five dollars. He said, "How `bout six?" He was a cute little old guy so I said okay. I guess I should've looked for a vendor selling yarn to make this a worthwhile deal! LOL I put them in a little pitcher. They're kind of cool. And actually, out of all of these, there were only three that didn't have a match. And there were some cool looking plastic ones that look like they might be from the 50's and the little metal tops have neat old numbers on them. My sister is coming over Friday so I'll let her take some if there are sizes she doesn't have but I'm going to watch her. She tries to take the good stuff!
The weather was perfect and though I didn't "need" anything that I bought, it was fun to walk around and people watch. There were all kinds out there. One guy dropped his drawers at one vendors space to try on some jeans! I didn't have the nerve to take a picture. Believe me when I say there wasn't 'much' to see. LOL Just kidding. I was too embarrassed to look!


Michelle said...

Great finds at the flea market Liz! I love those little bowls. I'm sending you a picture of a pincushion I made yesterday. Let's just say, great minds think alike!! :)

ojaiquilter said...

Liz, the knitting needles that don't have partners are good for poking out corners on pillow cases, quilts and anything else you don't want to make a hole in.
Your greedy sister

peggy said...

I love your egg cups and jello molds...I'll take a pincushion in each :)
I love it when I go to the flea markets in Florida with my mother.
I haven't found a good one here yet...nor can I find a decent thrift shop....

Conni said...

Love the egg cups!