Friday, May 22, 2009

See Sherrie Run....or cut! :o)

This is my friend, Sherrie. (No-blog Sherrie)

No-blog Sherrie is the girlfriend with all the "toys". Do you have one of those? She's got a APS long arm, a sewing room to die for, every ruler and toy you could think of for quilting, not to mention every other crafty contraption for scrapbooking, wool felt, needle punch, cardmaking, etc. Does it go to her head? No. She was paying very good attention in kindergarten and she shares her toys very well!! We are a lucky group to have her in our midst.
No-blog Sherrie bought the AccuQuilt GO! Fabric Cutting System on Wednesday and brought it over for TNT last night. Yes, I said "SYSTEM"! She got the "I Want It All!" package. And boy, did she get it all! We got together at my house because the bride-to-be had to make one more table sign last night (the wedding is Saturday) and the girls said they would come to my house (again) to make it easier. I should've taken a picture of the "I want it all package" before we unpacked it but I think I forgot I had a camera when I saw all the packages and boxes. My eyes glazed over. Kind of like my daughter's with shoes and purses. Whoooo-baby! LOL
So this is Sherrie cranking through some fabric to cut 2 1/2" strips. I think it does 3-6 layers of fabric, depending on the thickness.
Easy as can be! This thing is slick! Sherrie's checking out the grooves the machine made on the mat but they're not too bad. It probably cuts many, many times before needing a replacement. Can you see Neena's drool in the photo? LOL
She then tried half square triangles for a swap we're doing with cherry and black fabric. We wasted a little fabric because we were using it for the first time but I bet once you get going, the waste is minimal.

I think we should all go move in with Sherrie. She has a big house. I don't think her husand would notice. Mine might notice...when Miss Chattybox is suddenly quiet! :o)


Conni said...

Oh, this is a wonderful machine!! My local quilt shop recently bought one, and it is soo slick, and the possibilities are endless!! Have fun! (I think I just slipped on my drool!! LOL!!)

Angela said...

What a nice friend. Retreat at Sherrie's next year right?

Michelle said...

Wow! I'm with Angela...either retreat is at Sherrie's or else she brings all that good stuff on the airplane with her! :)

Reeze Hanson said...

WOW! How cool is this! Congrats Sherri on you new toy. Can I send all my fabric to you to cut, and you can just send it back to me all cut in strips and triangles? I love that she got the "I want it all" package! LOL I can just hear her saying. . . "gimme the whole enchilada!" Have fun playing. Reeze