Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fabric Baskets

Thank you Connie W. for giving me the link to the tutorial for the fabric baskets. The blog is called Pink Penguin and she has several cute projects she's done tutorials for. Check it out. :o) The baskets are super easy, great for using up scraps and pretty quick to make.

Boy, I am still dragging from the retreat. I guess it's just the sitting around the airports and then sitting and sewing, late nights, early mornings. Today I look like this.

I came into work this morning and my boss came in shortly after. She is usually at least a half hour or more behind me coming in so it's kind of nice to have a cup of coffee an "wake up" before she gets here. Well today, she had a couple of appointments and needed me to do some quote sheets for her. She was giving me details and I'm sure I had that glazed look in my eyes. As she walked away I said, "I suppose when someone comes to work, they're supposed to be ready to work, huh?" I'm sure it was no shock to her that the lights were on but nobody was home "yet".

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