Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Great Outdoors

We're taking a break from quilting and crafting updates for a trip outside. Let's pretend we're having a recess! :o)))

But first, let me tell you how my day started. I woke up at 7:42 a.m. this morning. I'm supposed to be at work at 8:00!!!! Big whoppin' OOPS!!! Too much late night workin' and not enough zzzzzzzzzz's. lol That and I guess my earplugs worked better than I thought because I never heard the alarm clock until 7:42. Thank goodness the boss in out of town this week! And I hope she doesn't read my blog! LOL
So after running around like a headless chicken, I got in the car to leave and as I was driving away from my house, I noticed how pretty everything in the front yard was blooming. Gotta take time to smell the flowers........and blog! hehe

All the Lily of the Nile plants are blooming so pretty. And there "used" to be a full row of pansies down but they are looking a little scarce because all the little creatures in the dirt thought I planted them a salad bar!! We do have some survivors though. I don't play much in the garden. I have a gardener to do the dirty work, but I had to try and save what I could so I bought some stuff you mix with water and pour over the plants that kills earwigs, cutworms, and other horrible creatures!!! Everything is doing better now but I still see some "things" helping themselves to my plants. Grrrr!
And I thought since I was pretending to be a "Gardener Extraordinaire", I would show you a picture of my tomato plants. I took this picture yesterday.
The tomato plants are in the backyard in a pot. I was afraid our untamed pooches would dig them up. After all, they think they own the backyard! But planting them in a pot (without a drip system) requires "remembering" to water them! My hubby has been doing a pretty good job of giving the plants a drink when he fills the water bucket for the pooches. I had the plants on the kitchen counter for a few weeks and finally got them planted in a mix of potting soil and compost. The must love the combination (and probably the pooches too) because they are going to town. I can see a few sprouts trying to open up. I planted a jalapeno plant in the front with the pansies. So far, the bugs have left it alone. If they start bothering it, I might transplant it with the tomatoes. Hmmm, maybe I should find some cilantro and onion plants and I could have a salsa garden.....and an avocado tree.....and a tortilla bush!!! LOL
Okay, recess is over. Back to work.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Liz, Stopping by to say hi and that how fun it was to meet you at retreat. It was a blast. I gave Vickie a ride to the airport then headed on down the road toward home and I am now here enjoying my coffee and computer time.
Does Sherrie have a blog too? if so would love to have a link to it.
Hope you both had a safe flight home.
Connie W aka Cootie Bug