Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Blake & Ashley's Wedding

My nephew got married this weekend to a very sweet young lady named Ashley. The wedding was just wonderful and I think a good time was had by everyone. They got married at a beautiful winery in Temecula, CA called South Coast Winery.

There were lots of pretty flowers blooming so the setting was beautiful. It was a wonderful 78 degrees so we were all pretty comfortable. It can get pretty hot out there.

This is Ashley and her daddy walking her down the aisle. She looks just like him, don't you think?

That photo does no justice to her dress. It was beautiful! They got married at an area called The Rose Arbor. It overlooks a valley and right now, it was still pretty green. It really was very pretty.

Presenting Mr. & Mrs. Blake Coleman..........

And here they are having their first dance.

It was a really fun wedding. There was a photo booth in the back, like at carnivals. Everybody was lining up to take a set of pictures. It was so much fun. Me and my three sisters crammed in there and took some pictures too. At one point my little sister, Virginia, slid off of Rita's lap because we had slippery dresses on. It was so funny because in the picture, she is suddenly gone! The next photo was of all of us laughing so hard. I'm sure you had to be there! :o) One of the many highlights of the evening for me. :o)

I hope you had a nice weekend and got some relaxation time in. To all our Veterans out there, I thank you for the sacrifices you have made so that we can all have celebrations like weddings and picnics and our freedom.

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ojaiquilter said...

Good job on the photos. It really was fun. Thanks again for being the photo person.