Saturday, May 30, 2009

Gotta learn to proofread!

I was talking to my sister yesterday on the phone. We talked about the little floral quilt I was working on. I told her that it's quite obvious that all those late nights had affected me. All the nice comments I got from my few little blog readers said nice things about making that quilt for charity. It's really not that important but I thought I would "attempt" to clear the air.

This is one of the charity quilts I sewed together the other night using the leftover 10" squares from a pieced back I made.

This is charity quilt #2. This is the one that I had charms up on the design wall and wanted to clear it so I could work on my storm at sea.
This is quilt top #3. This one I had sewed up already but since these last two quilts are so small, I think I can add a border and still not have to piece a back for it. I hope that cleared up my confusing novel I wrote the other day. :o)

I did get the borders added to the little floral quilt today. I probably made the borders too big but I wanted the quilt to be just a bit bigger and figured if somebody calls the quilt police on my, so be it. I have a clean record and could use a little scandal in my life. LOL
It measures approximately 43 x 56. That bigger border probably means I'll have to piece a back for this one. I can't make things too easy on myself. I wouldn't know how to handle it.
Now onto that storm at sea. I'll quilt these later. After I have a sandwiching party!!


Yvette said...

I don't think that border is too big at all. It is the perfect color and fabric to set it off.

Where is the sandwich making party? LOL I have 2 quilts I need to pin but I am waiting for the new quilt shop to get in their new pinning table. How do you pin yours?

Kate the Quilter said...

I just love your chosen border. It really looks good. Your blog always spurs me on to get going with finishing my projects!!
There's been a lot of UFO sightings in my neck of the woods lately!!!
Have a perfect day!!

Laura-IH said...

I think the border on the floral quilt looks great! (Lucky for you, 'cause I have the quilt police on speed dial!) ; )

ojaiquilter said...

I live the border, good job. You are soo talented lol

Christine said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog. I love your Darla quilt ... the squares look fantastic onpoint with the white squares. I like the red border too.