Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Baby Cory

An acquaintance on one of the Yahoo forums I'm on asked for people to take "Baby Cory" for a little while for her daughter's school project. Some of you might've heard of "Flat Stanley" but I hadn't until this project. My sister told me about Stanley. She works at a school so I guess she just knows these things. :o) Anyway, I agreed to sponsor Baby Cory for about a month.

Baby Cory got sent home yesterday. I tried to remember him when I was out and about on my "Liz" adventures. It wasn't always easy to do because my kids are grown and I'm not used to being in charge of anybody anymore.....even a cardboard somebody. lol

Since I've never done one of these before, I just typed up some of the who/what/where stuff on a Word document and inserted pictures. I'm "assuming" the real writing comes from the student. At least that's the way I think it should work. Here are some of my pictures with Baby Cory.....

Baby Cory sitting in the car in San Diego. We went to have dinner with my nephew when we were visiting my Mom. We had to keep Cory safe. :o)

He really enjoyed the sunset and palm trees in San Diego.

We took Cory to an Angel game against the Detroit Tigers and we won 7-6! Cory like the Big A! :o)

It had rained that day but it stopped just on time for game time. Yay!!!

We made a few trips to San Diego with my mom being sick quite a bit. One of the times we went, we caught a cold from my sister. Me and Cory had it BAD!!! You might remember me blogging about it here. I could take medication but poor Cory couldn't. He did appreciate the tissue though.

Then, last weekend when we went to Lake Arrowhead, Cory tagged along. He liked the lake and wanted to take a dip but I told him the water was pretty cold. Brrrrr

Unbelievably, two days later, it snowed. We couldn't believe it! I built an itty bitty snowman (aka, the white owl) and took this last picture of Baby Cory.

I hope he had a good time while he was in California. I've never had such quiet company. :o)

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ojaiquilter said...

I love what you did with baby Cory!! Hopefully someone will let you know how how the report went.