Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Getting ready to go....

I'm getting my goodies ready to go for the weekend. My buddy Neena told me on Monday that she had a gift certificate to her local quilt shop and she was going to go over there and get a door prize for our getaway. I said "A door prize?" She said, "Yeah, it's a retreat isn't it? We have to have prizes." Well......I had been thinking about giving the girls some little "goodies" so when she said that, I told her that "I" thought she should bring something for each of us. Because if Susan, the other girl going, won a prize and I didn't, I would be pouting all weekend. lol So the girls, besides packing, are now on a mission. :o) (Yes, I am always this much of a trouble maker!) Hey, we're not kids anymore. We have to create excitement any chance we get! So this is part of what I came up with......
I got the girls these little button containers. We all do card making too so I figured they'd be good for quilting, crafting and cards. I also got them a little emery board from the quilt shop. Then I hit the dollar store for a little container to put their goodies in. They'll be good for little trash containers on our tables too! I found some bubble gum tubes so I picked those up and a little chap stick.

I got my Cricut out and my card stock and covered the bubble gum "piggy banks". It seemed like it was missing something so I "tried" to embellish them. As the time was ticking away, I thought, okay, this is just going to have to do because I've got more important things to PACK!!!

I have a few more little items I picked up at the dollar spot at Michael's to put in here and maybe some chocolate and I'll be done! :o)

My piggy bank will always be empty! LOL

I'm leaving in the morning and have a ton of stuff to do, bunco tonight and people stopping by my house after work so the night should be interesting to say the least. I'll "see" you all on Sunday.

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The Other Barb said...

I can hear the excitement :) Have a fun time. Cute piggy banks .