Monday, May 17, 2010

Blooms `n dresses

I've seen so many bloggers share their gorgeous spring flowers so I'm jumping on the band wagon. (Yes, I probably would follow them if they all jumped off the bridge too!) :o)

I will be the first to admit I have two brown thumbs but I keep trying! The only reason I can grow these roses is because they are a shrub. And they're all over the place so I'm assuming "anyone" can grow them. *sigh*

They smell so good. They are right under the kitchen window and the fragrance comes in with every breeze.
I swapped out the I Love Lucy dresses from the swap on Backporch Friends. Everyone did such a nice job. I'm not sure how I'll set mine yet. These will sit a while since I have so much more to work on that takes priority.

One of our swappers, Betti, found this fabric in her mother's things. She said it's from the 1940's and everyone who swapped got one of her blocks.

And one swapper, Kris, made these blocks with a little apron on it. Isn't it just the cutest!?

Well, off to go straighten up my sewing room only to make a mess again. I am going to go have a little sewing retreat Thursday-Sunday with some friends in Lake Arrowhead. I have to clean so I have room to pack my bag! What a sad tale, huh? ;o)


Terry said...

our roses are beautiful! Love the little dresses too! Have fun at your retreat! :0)

Connie W said...

O I love those little dresses, so cute.

Sure did miss you at retreat, Liz. Last year you made me laugh so much and it was wonderful. You were missed by everyone (and your sidekick too!) and your names came up. Hope you get to come next year or whenever you can.

The Other Barb said...

Roses that are a shrub..hmmm I think I could even grown them :) They are beautiful!
Love those dresses. What a cute idea.