Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bewitching Pillows

One night last week, I sat down to work on my embroidery. I was flipping through the channels but could not find anything on television. Is that crazy or what? We practically have a billion channels to watch and nothing! Okay, slight exaggeration but it happens every once in a while.

But then I found a couple of episodes of Bewitched. I loved that show when I was younger so I left it on. I was watching and saw these cute scrappy pillows on Samantha's couch! Freeze, pause and grab the camera to show you. LOL (Good thing my hubby wasn't home. He already thinks I'm a nut for the things I take pictures of!)

Look how scrappy! Andora turned poor "Derwood" into a frog but lucky for me she did it right in front of this Log Cabin pillow!!! That's when I knew I was meant to share this with you. :o)

So, I got my April block finished. Luckily, it was a small design last month because it took me almost two months to finish the March block! Anyway, I got my little basket parts cut out. Such beautiful floral fabrics.

Last night I got the baskets made and my square patches sewed together. I got it sewed to the March block and now I just need to stitch this to the top section. The next three blocks will be sewed to the right side of the top.

I hope to have this sewed together soon and will share a picture of the top when I get the parts sewed together. I've got family coming over to celebrate Mother's Day on Saturday so I've got things to do and might have to put this off for a few days. Grrr, cleaning, shopping....pooey!


Angela said...

Sugar....walk away from the camera...and the tv...I am just sayin' hahahaha Your blocks are very very pretty!

Karen said...

You ought to check out Army Wives on Lifetime network (I know, I should be watching better quality tv). I was noticing the quilts in the backgrounds-on the walls, on the couch etc. I just noticed it for the first time this past Sunday. (Here in the east it's on at 10pm. on Sunday.)

Helen said...

I loved Bewitched too! It's airing here again, on twice a day!!

Don't worry about taking the pics of the cushions..... last year MadMen was on tv and I just wanted to jump into the tele and grab all those gorgeous aprons!! I collect retro aprons!

Happy Mother's Day!!

The Other Barb said...

what a fun post Liz! I love Bewitched. Funny how we quilters zero in on the "props" :)
Your blocks are so pretty. Great job!

Laura-IH said...

Liz, you are too funny! : )

I love it when there are quilts on the sets of movies and TV shows, too!