Monday, May 24, 2010

A snow day in CA?

We don't often have snow days in southern California but we almost missed work today because of one yesterday. Our little mini treat in Lake Arrowhead was awesome. Lots of laughing and sewing and shopping and chocolate!

This is a picture of the walkway to the Village. It's a bit of a walk but a nice one. However, when we go up to sew, we barely make it out of the condo! We did take a walk around the complex to see the lake and it did not disappoint us. It was gorgeous. About 70 degrees, blue skies and a nice breeze. That was Thursday.....

This is the same view but on Sunday!

The two girls I went with, Neena and Susan, both checked the weather and it said it was going to be sunny all weekend. Hmmmm, somebody didn't tell Mother Nature. hehe Lucky, the sun came out and the snow started to melt and we got down the hill. Darn it. lol

In between the sun and the snow, we got a lot of sewing done. I finished the last border on this quilt. Now to go through my stash and see if I can find something to use for the binding. I don't know why I don't have enough fabric but I don't.

I got four of these bags made but was short one zipper. The zipper goes in last so I was able to make the fourth bag and bring it home and will just have to pop in a zipper. My daughter had been asking me for a bag for a while and I thought the other two might want one too. I love the lavender make-up print fabric. It made a really cute bag.

This is my little 1 1/2' snowman, that looks more like a white owl. The snow was just screaming "make a snowman". :o)

I guess the almond nose and raisins from the trail mix weren't the right fit for this little guy. Or maybe I should've kept digging in the trail mix and used m&m's for a mouth. It doesn't matter I guess. I went to the edge of the balcony to take a picture and stepped on him and squished him dead. LOL


Terry said...

How cool (literally) that you got snow like that! Love your little snow man/owl! :0)

The Other Barb said...

Crazy weather but fun too~ looks like you made the most out of it . Love making snowmen! Your snowman/owl is cute :) your quilt is beautiful~

ojaiquilter said...

Great pictures. I love the way the quilt is looking. When you sent me the picture of the snowman, I thought, is that an owl?
Then said noooo it must be a snowman!!!

Michelle said...

We had snow here too, Liz! Crazy! I loved reading about your little snowman until I read that you murdered him!! Soooo sad! If I see your name on the Snowman Most Wanted List, I may just have to turn you in. :P