Sunday, September 2, 2012

Clean, dust and a little sewin'!

I spent some time in my sewing room on Saturday and looked up at my very cluttered shelves.  I think a few of them are "leaning" from the earthquakes we've had.  It must have shook `em up.  lol
Dolls, pincushions, iron collection, etc., etc.  Oh, and dust!  I decided to move some things off the shelf and give the "girls" a cleaning.  I bought a vacuum accessory set a while back as my sister told me that's how she cleans her dolls.  It worked perfectly.  With my back surgery, I needed to reach the top shelves without stretching so I got my longer Swiffer duster and it was perfect. 
Look how nice everyone looks all cleaned up!  I used a few tins to bring up the "girls" in the back.  And I moved a few things off the shelf so it didn't look quite as cluttered although, it kind of looks the same.  lol 

I moved my little McDonald's Wizard of Oz pieces off the shelf because they were just so crammed in the corner.  I wanted to put them on the top of the shelf but they wouldn't fit standing up so they're having a sit in....or a picnic....without food!  LOL
I finished the top for my daughter's friend.  I worked up a simple design in EQ7 using just a few fabrics.  Her theme is Noah's Ark and it's a boy.  Ashley liked this little lion print so we found some coordinating fabrics and pulled a few pieces from my stash.  Sorry for the blurry photos.  I can't find my memory card so I'm using my iphone. 
I cut the batting and pieced the backing so tomorrow I hope to sandwich it. I will just grid quilt it but with my back, I'll probably have to work in small increments. I'm doing really good but not sure how much quilting will affect me. We'll see....


Impera_Magna said...

Dusting knick-knacks is always on the bottom of any to do list... good on you for tackling your dolls and collectables!

Hope your back doesn't give you too much grief... and is getting better every day!

The Other Barb said...

the shelves look organized and the dolls look happy. lol looks like a fun shelf just to look at once in awhile & reminise.

Like the quilt pattern.

Hope you didn't do too much. Take care of your back~