Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Baby Quilt and Busy Bees

I got to quilting on the baby quilt for my daughter's friend.  I took it in little spurts to see how my back would hold up from both the sitting and maneuvering a quilt under the needle.  It went fine with little 'get up' breaks.  I just stitched in the ditch on the sashing and did diagonal stitching through the blocks.  This makes it quilted about every 3" or so, so it should hold up to lots of washes.  You know how babies like to dirty stuff up!  lol
The back of the quilt is a cozy polka dot flannel.  Mmmm, good for snuggling little babies! 

I still need to trim the quilt and sew on the binding but during one of my 'breaks', I got out this fabric that I had picked up a long time ago for my friend's daughter.  She loves bees because her daddy used to called her "Bee Wee" when she was a little girl.  And you know daddies and daughters have those special kind of relationships so the name stuck.  Bee got married earlier this year but I had missed the bridal shower.  She was coming over Monday night to have me hem some pants so I thought it was perfect motivation to get this thing off my (this should have been done in February) to-do list!

I used a free pattern I found online here.  I only made them 8" so I didn't do too much quilting on them.  I found this adorable bee ribbon at Road to CA in January so I had the entire project ready to go, I just needed to do it!  (Dang, I need a new cutting mat! lol)

When I knew the shower was around the corner, I found these cute bowls at Home Goods.  They are perfect for a yellow and black kitchen.  The newlywed loved it all.

NOW....with that out of the way and before the next stamping party, I thought I would work on a few things for the upcoming craft show.  I cut some flannel I've had for a couple of years for blanket/travel pillow sets.  They should go together fairly quick and take up some space on the table.  I used to paint wooden items but don't really have that in my much anymore so sewing it is.
I don't have any blue flannel in my stash so I hope the boy-buying-public isn't offended.  lol  It feels good to be using up some of this stuff I bought so long ago.

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