Sunday, September 23, 2012

Darn ol' Pinterest!!!

I saw the most adorable buttons on Pinterest made with printable Shrinky Dinks and a free pdf download from a blog.  I didn't think I would really try making my own but when I was at Michael's looking for some supplies, I saw the printable Shrinky Dinks and bought them using my trusty ol' coupon.  This photo is from the flikr album that was pinned.
The free download is from All Sorts and you can the pdf here
And here they are coming off the printer.  Aren't they cute???

I used my little tool kit from Stampin' Up to mark where the button holes would go.  The little dotted lines and holes really helped get the button holes even.

After getting the holes punched, I put them on brown paper like the Shrinky instructions said to do.  My mistake....doing so many at one time....

 Cuz I couldn't get them all uncurled.  There were some casualties.  :o(
But I have a success story.  I put smaller sets back in the oven and they straightened out.  They even shrunk a little more so I think I might've taken them out too soon.  I guess I'm not very patient.  lol
Now to figure out what the heck I'm going to do with these.  I think I might add them to some pincushions.  They make me happy just looking at them.  Anything that makes me happy really doesn't have to have a purpose, right?
Note to anyone wanting to do this.  Use a bigger hole punch for the holes.  I used a 1/8" punch but the next set I did, I used 1a bigger one.  Maybe 3/8" or 1/4"?  Anything bigger than 1/8" should be good.  I haven't shrunk those down yet but I think that will be much better.  I might have to drill these bigger to find an itttty bittty skinnnny needle for the first batch.


Michelle said...

Sosososo cute! Don't give up on those that curled up, though... Heat them again, they might straighten themselves out. Do you have a heat/embossing gun? Try using a stiletto or chopstick or something, and heat them up. They sometimes uncurl themselves.

The Other Barb said...

How cute! These buttons make me smile too.I kind of "lol'd" at the curled up ones...sorry :) Can't wait to see what you make with them. Yes..pinterest is dangerous!!

Conni said...

LOVE the buttons! They'd be cute on a pincushion.

Angela said...

They usually curl up and then flatten in the oven and that is when they are done. We made some at the retreat you missed. I made some templates of sock monkeys, flowers, teddy faces and a frog for Nancy. The girls used black fine point sharpies and colored pencils. We put an all metal straight pin through the center before we baked them. Then had cushie pretties! Love yours! You could make a chain bracelet and add these with real buttons. That would be adorable!