Sunday, August 26, 2012

A little sewing and some re-dos

If you are a quilter, sewer or crafter, you know how easy it is to "collect" fabric!  I have trouble finding a place for all the fabric in my little room.  And  besides "my" purchases, I have people who give me fabric.  It's a nice gesture but sometimes, it's not what I would use for quilts or sewing projects.  God forbid I say 'no', right?  lol
Such is the case with this bright yellow fabric that I covered my ironing board with.  My friend Anna found about a 3 yard bundle at a thrift store for $1.98 and the price was too good to pass up.  She thought I could use it for something.  :o)  The weave was not too good, reminded me of a feedsack.  I have a good ironing board cover I got at Road to CA last year but it's too slippery and our clothes won't stay on the board.  Very frustrating.  So, I decided to use some of this 'free' fabric for a cover.  It's a little on the bright side but it's cute and it was free and it took me under an hour to do it.  It was an easy project and since I'm trying to ease back into sitting and sewing, it was perfect.

And last weekend my hubby went to a car show and he brought a bag full of freebies.  One was this lanyard for your keys.  I have been wanting something to hook my house key on when I go for my walks but don't have a pocket.  I cut the old ribbon off and used the parts for a cute red polka dot ribbon.  Ahhh, much better!  Now I can take my walks in style.  :o)

And just to share some fun and cuteness, have you seen these adorable little  Fisher Price Super Heroes toys?  My daughter's friend has a little one and she found them while cruising the toy aisle one day.  I died when I saw them and knew I had to have some but each time I went to Target, they were out of stock.  My sister (who loves cuteness too) had to have them also and found them on Amazon.  When I showed her that I found them at Target, she said "she might even let her grandkids play with them".  Of course, neither of us has grandkids.  Maybe by the time we do, we'll be so happy, we'll give those little gems anything they want!!!  lol


Terry said...

I love your ironing board cover! It's nice and bright and cheerful! Love the superheros too! They're adorable! :0)

Conni said...

I've seen the Super Heroes, in smaller packages, at WalMart. They are cute.