Monday, September 17, 2012

Mmmmm, watermelon!

Boy, we just cant get a break from this heat. I thought it was too good to be true when we had such a wonderful July. August....not so much. We've only had our a/c off one night in all of August and now, all days in September so far.

To try and get some relief, what is better than cool, sweet watermelon?  And I saw the slickest way to cut it...on Pinterest, of course.  If you are a genius and already thought of this, please move on to the next blog.  lol

Cut the ends off your watermelon, then slice it in half.  Take the first half and slice off the rind.  It might seem like you are wasting some but it is such a small amount, you won't miss it.
Cut slices straight down the watermelon one direction and then the other.  I did about 1" chunks.  And this was marked as a "seedless" watermelon.  I'm no expert but those look like seeds to me!  Grrrr.


Then slice across horizontally.  That's it!  Keep going until the entire half is cut.  Repeat with the other half.
I have done this with two watermelons so far and it takes maybe 10 minutes for start to finish!!  Yum!
Seeds!  Can you tell I'm still not over it?  lol


Michelle said...

You're like my Jessie... Those seeds really bug her, too.

And what a cute knife!

Helen said...

Hi Liz, Very clever way to cut watermelon!! I've never thought to do it that way! Here in Australia, we also have the "seedless" watermelon but the "selling point" of this type of melon is that the seeds are edible whereas the Seeded Watermelon has seeds that you certainly have to spit out! To this day I still cannot get my son to actually eat edible seeds - he picks out every one!